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Can You Do Yoga For Weight Loss ?

One question always comes to mind and that is can you do yoga for weight loss? 
And the only answer is yes. We can lose weight and do weight control by doing yoga.

The history of yoga is very old, even thousands of years ago. Yoga involves many asanas. Each asanas is very different from the other.

Yogasana has many physical benefits. One of the benefits is weight loss or fat loss and weight management.

In this article we will see what is the yoga?, a history of yoga, names of yoga poses and yoga for weight loss.
What Is The Yoga ?Yoga is a Sanskrit word. Sanskrit is the traditional language of India. The word yoga is formed by combining the Sanskrit words "yuj" and "yok". Yuj means to connect, while yok means concentrated. Yoga is the coordination of the organs of the body, the emotions of the mind and spirituality.
Yoga is a form of traditional exercise.
Names Of Yoga PosesThere are many different types of asanas in yoga. Names of yoga poses are as Follow :
Cobra PoseGras…

Abs Workout At Home For Men

We have been hearing since childhood that the body is our real asset. We have been taking care of how many people are taking care of our body and trying to keep our body healthy. Is also important.

Many people today are turning to bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is about increasing the area of ​​your body by giving it the right shape.

The most attractive body part in bodybuilding is considered to be abs. Its full name is Abdominal but it is known as Abs.

There are many types of exercises available in the world of bodybuilding for abdominal and here are some of the best types of exercises.

This article we will see some information about abdominal, abs workouts at home and many more.
Abs Workout There are three main types of abs and their types of exercises are also divided according to their type. Upper Abs and Lower Abs. Abdominal  has two parts and different exercise types apply to all two parts.
Upper Abs WorkoutAs you can see from the name, the upper abs are the upper part of the abdominal. Hi…

Nutrition Facts And Health Benefits Of An Orange

Orange said that the color orange comes before our eyes. Orange is the fruit of our identity that we use in our daily diet and they are available everywhere. Orange is eaten in almost all the countries of the world.

Oranges are found in two different varieties. The first is sour and the second is sweet. Oranges are considered to be very good for the body and are also nutritious.

Oranges contain many vitamins and minerals which are very beneficial for your body.

Oranges are grown and eaten with gusto in almost every country in the world. Brazil, China, European Union, United States of America, Mexico, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa are some of the countries which produce the most oranges in the world.

Oranges have benefits to the body such as refreshing the mind, glowing the skin, increasing the immune system, improve the digestion and more.

In this article we will look at the nutrition of oranges, what minerals and vitamins they contain and what are the benefits of oranges to our body.


How To Prevent The Heart Attack In 2020 ?

Heart attack has become our word of introduction. The only thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name of heart attack is death. Because heart attack is considered to be a deadly disease. In the past it was not very common but in the next four to five years it has increased a lot of patients which has made it a familiar disease.

Heart attack, however, cannot be called a disease because stopping the flow of blood can be a technical malfunction in our body that causes a heart attack.There can be many reasons for this physical deterioration.
In this article we will look at what is heart attack ?, what causes a heart attack ? and how you can avoid having a heart attack ?. What Is The Heart Attack ?Heart attack is a deadly disease of the heart. A heart attack is when the blood supply to a person's heart is not regulated or it is completely shut off so the heart does not have oxygen supply and without oxygen the heart stops working and the person dies.

The disease was very prevalen…

Healthy Habits Of Digestion Of Food

Given the current lifestyle and eating habits, more and more peoples are having stomach problems and another question that comes to their mind is how to digest food ?.

There are many causes of indigestion. sometimes indigestion is caused by one's own falt. Given the current situation junk food can be major cause of indigestion. junk food has become an integral part of our lives. 

Today's young generation is turning to junk food. They are starting to get away from vegetables and pulses. Junk food is high in flour and oil which makes our stomach upset. Moreover, it lasts for several days. It is not that junk food is the only reason for indigestion. The second reason to do is not to exercise. there are many possibles causes for indigestion. but we will see in details in this article what the solution is.
Healthy Habits Of Digestion Of FoodWalkingWalking is considered to be the best exercise ever. Walking is also considered on important form of cardio exercise. This is an exercise th…

The Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Green tea is a beverage used in our daily lives. it was not used as much before that nowadays it is becoming more and more popular and it is a necessity. Although green tea is a type of tea, there are several important differences between others tea and green tea.
Green tea is consumed almost all over the world. By the way, it does not taste good in persian but peoples who want to keep their body slim and fit they prefer green tea. This tea is mostly consumed in china and japan. In china and japan, green tea is consumed as a traditional beverage.

Green tea was first used by emperor shennona king of china. since then this tea has been produced green tea is china's gretest gift to the world. china is the world's largest producer of green tea.

Today, along with china, india, japan, indonesia and vietnam are the world's largest producer. China produce 480,000 tons, japan produce 83,000 tons, vietnam produce 31,000 tons, indonesia produce 38,000 tons and india produce 9000 tons gr…

How To Clean Your Lungs in 2020 ?

In this article we will see what is lungs?, Where is located lungs ?, Some function of the lungs, one labelled diagram of the lung and how to clean your lungs fast and natural ?.
What is Lungs?When we breath in the air that we take in through the nose. The internal organs through which we breath are called lungs. We have two lungs in our body.

The Left lung have a hollow space. The right lungs is slightly larger than left lung. Both of these senses are important. They are in cage of bones. So they are safe.

The inhaled air is a tube like organ that carries are to the lungs it is called a trachea 

The lungs are the main organ in the body of the breathing animal.
Diagram Of The Lungs Where is Your Lungs Located ?The lungs are the largest internal organs. This organ is safe because it is in a bone cage. This organ is located near the heart. Lungs is spread from the heart to the lower part of the body.
Function Of The LungsThe function of the lungs is to expel carbon dioxide from the blood and t…