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What is Obesity ? | Best Ways To Lose Obesity

Obesity DefinitionIn the simple words obesity means unhealthy physic, body in danger zone, shyness in group of people, friends making fun of our physic in the front of your crush, less confidence is called obesity or overweight.  Cause Of Obesity Junk FoodOver eating Physical inactivityGeneticsFrequency of EatingPsychological FactorIncomplete SleepAvoid Timely Meal Weak digestive systemwhen our digestion system become slow then also our metabolism becomes slow. Metabolism is one of the main ingredient of body which is helping to lose our body weight fast.weight loss is not a short term takes time, this is the long term procedure. How To Prevent Obesity ?Fixing Calories Deficit To  create your diet first of all you know about your BMI(body mass index or body fat percentage %) after calculate BMI also you need to know about quantity of your daily calories eating. after calculate calories you have to create your diet on the basis on calories deficit. if you want to loss your we…