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Protein Shake recipe | Boost Metabolism

Hey There, In the last article we had covered full day eating up to 2000 calories.In this article we will make protein shake at home which will help you to boost your metabolic rate.
The normal Basal metabolic Rate (BMR) is 1800 calories for men and 1500 calories for can consume this protein shake after will be testy and refreshing so without wasting time let's see the recipe.
Recipe For Protein ShakeIngredient:Egg WhiteOatsMilkCookies or BiscuitHoneyBananaAlmondsPeanut Butter Recipe:First of all take one mixer pot & fix it on mixer machine.Take two biscuit and place it in pot.If you want then you can replace it with coffee because cookie is just for test.take some oats and place it in pot.start the mixer and make biscuit and oats like  powder.take two or three egg whites and place it in powder of biscuit and oats.start the mixer and make it like a paste.Now the time is banana.take only two small banana and throw it in pot.start the mixer for 15 seconds and …