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Nutrition Fact And Health Benefits Of Milk | Milk Information

Milk is our traditional drink. we have been using this drink in our daily lives for many years and we also know the importance of this drink.

Even today, milk is as important in a nutritious diet as it was in the past.

Two to three glass of milk can give you as much nutrition as one meal at a time.

Milk is considered to be an excellent drink for proper growth of human body. that is why a new born baby is breastfed for three years.

Milk contain many nutrients which are very beneficial to the body.

Many foods are made from milk like lassi, cheese, chocolate etc.

In this article we will learn more about the health benefits of milk, dairy products, types of milk, nutrition Of milk and more.
Nutrition of MilkMilk is a nutritious drink. This is because milk contain many vitamins and minerals that are very beneficial to the body.

Vitamin B12, calcium, riboflavin and phosphorus are found in milk and are beneficial for the body. milk contain 88% of water in their nutrition.
Vitamin B-12It is also calle…

What is nutrition ? ( In Detail)

Nutrition means perfect and nutritious diet to keep the body fit and healthy. Nutrition involves many things. like vitamins, protein, minerals, carbohydrate etc. This requires us to eat food that are nutritious and that meed our body need's. There are two types of nutrition in total. the first is good or healthy nutrition and second is bad or unhealthy nutrition. 

Good nutrition is what keeps your body healthy and boosts it's immune process. good nutrition helps our body meet it's daily need of carbs, protein, vitamin, iron, fat and calories.

In a nutritious diet we include milk, eggs, leafy vegetables, green vegetables, cereals, meat etc. 
scientists have proven that the human body works properly by eating these foods.

So Eat as much nutritious food as possible.

Bad nutrition is just the opposite of good nutrition. it is also called malnutrition. This means that what we eat does not meet certain needs in our body.

some peoples suffer from malnutrition. a good example of this i…

Nutrition Fact And Health Benefits Of Fish

The eating habit and foods of the people are different in every state and every country. in some place non-vegetarian food is eaten and in some places vegetarian food is eaten. The number of non-vegetarian in the world is more than the number of people who eat vegetarian food. There are a total of 28000 fish species in the know world.
But not all of these mines are eatables. Some of these species are so large that they cannot be fished and some are poisonous. That is why not all are eatables. There are only few species that we can eat. The number is not even a fingers breadth.
There is also a difference in the way people eat fish. Some people eat it fried and some people's eat it roasted. There are also many benefits of eating fish.
In this article we will see about fish nutrition and what are benefits of eating fish to our body.

Fish Nutrition:
Calories: 96
Fat: 1.7 g
Carbohydrates: 0 g
Protein: 20 g

1. Fish contain vitamin and mineralsFish is a nutritious food. It contains lot's of …

15 High Protein Food

Protein is considered very important for our body. There are many functions in the body that cannot be accomplished without Protein. Protein makes up the building blocks of organs, muscles, skin and hormones. Protein help to maintain and repair tissues. The body needs Protein for optimal growth.
Sometimes people try to gain weight and some times they try to lose weight. For this they have to eat the right diet which is considered to be the unique  general importance of protein the diet.
Due to lack of protein in the body peoples suffer from hair loss, joint pain and lack of muscles.
In order to live a healthy life people should include protein in their diet. In this article we look at some foods that are high in protein.
Chicken is a food that we use in your daily diet and we like.chicken is a good source of protein. Chicken is cooked in different ways like some people's eat it fried and some people's eat it with vegetables. They have different methods and different taste…

10 High Vitamin C Fruits And Vegetables

Vitamin c is an important component of the human body.vitamin c plays an important role in the body's vital processes.vitamin c is also known as ascorbic acid.vitamin c is needed to develop your body and repair body tissue.vitamin c also work to increase your body's immune response.each person needs around 60 to 100 mg of vitamin a day.a maximum of one person is capable of consume as maximum as 2000 mg of vitamin c a day.vitamin c is the most important antioxidant in the body.vitamin c works making protein in the body. There are many alternatives to consume vitamin c, but here we are going to share some vegetables and fruits that we can eat and satisfy our vitamin c deficiency of need. BroccoliBroccoli is a green plant from Cabbage family.broccoli is a great source of vitamin c and k.broccoli contain 135% percent of vitamin c in their nutrition.broccoli help to control sugar in blood.
We can use it in weight loss diet.because it contain very less amount of fat, carbohydrates and …

Nutrition Fact and Health Benefits Of Ginger

In this article we will see thenutrition facts and health benefits of ginger. ginger is a tuberous plant. the roots of this plant are also aromatic and large.we use it to eat.ginger crop is best grown in hot and humid climates, which is why this crop is grow in the summer and in May. As Asia is a hot and humid region.the world largest producer of ginger is china, India, Nepal and Thailand. Ginger is most commonly used in tea. It relieves diseases like headaches, colds and toothache. just as turmeric, lemon is a used as a medicine on some ailments, ginger is also used to relieve some illness. Ginger contains many vitamins and minerals that our body greatly benefits. also it has some benefits like it help to improve digesting power, get rid cold, reduce body pain, become fresh mind, help to lose weight and also it help to fight with major disease like cancer. Nutrition Facts Ginger is very beneficial for our health. ginger has lot's of nutrition facts. It is good in nutrition . Ginger…