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The Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Green tea is a beverage used in our daily lives. it was not used as much before that nowadays it is becoming more and more popular and it is a necessity. Although green tea is a type of tea, there are several important differences between others tea and green tea.
Green tea is consumed almost all over the world. By the way, it does not taste good in persian but peoples who want to keep their body slim and fit they prefer green tea. This tea is mostly consumed in china and japan. In china and japan, green tea is consumed as a traditional beverage.

Green tea was first used by emperor shennona king of china. since then this tea has been produced green tea is china's gretest gift to the world. china is the world's largest producer of green tea.

Today, along with china, india, japan, indonesia and vietnam are the world's largest producer. China produce 480,000 tons, japan produce 83,000 tons, vietnam produce 31,000 tons, indonesia produce 38,000 tons and india produce 9000 tons gr…

How To Clean Your Lungs in 2020 ?

In this article we will see what is lungs?, Where is located lungs ?, Some function of the lungs, one labelled diagram of the lung and how to clean your lungs fast and natural ?.
What is Lungs?When we breath in the air that we take in through the nose. The internal organs through which we breath are called lungs. We have two lungs in our body.

The Left lung have a hollow space. The right lungs is slightly larger than left lung. Both of these senses are important. They are in cage of bones. So they are safe.

The inhaled air is a tube like organ that carries are to the lungs it is called a trachea 

The lungs are the main organ in the body of the breathing animal.
Diagram Of The Lungs Where is Your Lungs Located ?The lungs are the largest internal organs. This organ is safe because it is in a bone cage. This organ is located near the heart. Lungs is spread from the heart to the lower part of the body.
Function Of The LungsThe function of the lungs is to expel carbon dioxide from the blood and t…

How To Relieve Body Aches From The Flu ?

The flu is a disease in which the symptoms of many minor illness are found in the patient. The flu is also known as influenza. There are also several types. "A, B, C and D these are some types of flu".

In this article we will look at what is flu ?, cause of flu, Symptoms of flu, how to cure flue fast ? and some basic information of flu.
What is a Flu ?The flu is a type of illness in which our body has to deal with many afflictions. such as fever, body aches, cough and headaches etc.

It is very common diseases in human body. If we has go to see, it can not last in the human body for a week or more. If a person has a strong body immune system then the person does not suffer much from this disease.

A good immune system makes a person strong on the inside. Boosting the immune system to fight off any disease bacteria from within the body would be great solution for us.
Flu SymptomsAlthough the flu is a common disease, taking it lightly can be life threatening. You need to get to the h…

How to increase immunity ? | Strengthen Your Immunity

The topic we are going to look is very important. This topic become even more important considering the surrounding environment. That subject is the immune system. The higher the immune system the greater the benefits to our body.

If we go to see today, peoples are getting various diseases. Many are dying. there are many reasons for this. one of the reasons may be that they have a weak immune system.
In this article, we will look at the answers to many questions such as what what is immune system?, how to increase immunity ?, what to eat and drink to boost it ? and what are the strong immunity benefits.
What is immunity ? The body needs immunity to fight the bad cells in the body. the immunity system is what works 24 hours a day to keep the body healthy. Immunity is considered important for how to keep the body fit. Immunity depends on the health of peoples and the habits of their daily life. like eating habit, exercise habit etc. Functions Of Immunity System The immunity system works to pr…

How to Relieve Stress ? | Best Ways To Relive Stress

Today, every person has some kind of stress. Whether it's work of somethings else. Because of this stress peoples have forgotten to live their lives. Due to this stress, peoples are facing many problems. there are quarrels at home relationships break up, temper talons and so on.

In this article we will see meaning of stress, cause of stress, stress management, how to reduce stress, stress relief foods, stress relief activities, stress medicines and advantage of stress managements. this article will definitely help you to reduce your stress.
Stress Relieve Meaning Relieving stress means relieving tension when we start worrying about somethings. that worry gradually turns into tensions and it affects our future.

Suppose, a person owns a large company. He is trying to get a big project. Gradually, his efforts turn into worry and worry turn into stress. This causes him to become irritable, angry, disinterested in somethings and see the consequence in the future.

Scientists have argued tha…

What is pollution ? | Life Threatening

We all know that this is the age of technology and development. New factories are being set up. Each country is trying it's best to develop it. Human does not realize that human is developing by harming the environment. He is building factories there, killing animal and making things out of their skins and the smoke coming out of the factories is killing the birds. Human is certainly making progress but he is running the environment and his own future.

In this article we will learn about pollution, what is pollution, what are it's types, what can we take care of, how pollution Is endangering our lives and what we should do to prevent pollution etc.
what is pollution ?At present and to put it bluntly, pollution means spoiling something and making that thing unless like air, river, lack, etc. 

The way human being are destroying the environment in the name of development. there are three types of pollution in total.
Types of PollutionAir PollutionAs the name implies air pollution. a…

How to Relieve back pain fast ?

Peoples get many kinds of disease and suffer from many afflictions. One of them is back pain which is found in every 4th or 5th person. There are three main causes of back pain the first is ageing, the second is lifting heavy loads incorrectly and third is malnutrition.
In this article we will look at back pain in more detail the causes of back pain, exercise and what diet should be appropriate to reduce back pain etc.
Types Of Back PainLower Back PainUpper back pain Lower back pain
Lower back pain is found in a lot's of peoples. The lower back pain occurs just above part of the waist. This part is called lumbar. People with back pain have to deal with lot's of trouble. Like they can't lift heavy loads, can't stand for long, pain while bending etc. Lower back pain is found in more peoples as compare to upper back pain. It can affect anyone from children to young men and elderly.
Upper back painUpper back pain usually occurs in the trapeziums area of the back. Trapeziums is…

How To Digest Food Fast ?

The ways peoples are living today caused many problem in their lives. Some problems are caused by work stress and some problems are caused by the body. In the body suffer from stomach ache, headache, body pain and dizziness etc.
In this article we will look at one the problem that all these problem are caused by eating junk food and that problem is indigestion. Many peoples suffer from this problem.
Causes of indigestion1. Weak digestive system.
2. Not chewing food properly.
3. Drinking water immediately after a meal.
4. Sleeping after meal.
5. Eating Street food and junk food.
6. Using flour in meal.
7. Decreased physical activity.
Solutions To Digest Food1. Chew Food at least 32 times
2. Don't drink water immediately after meal.
3. Walk 10 to 15 minutes after every meal.
4. Eat vegetables and fruits.
5. Avoid flour in meal.
6. Do exercise at least 25 minutes a day.
7. Drink warm water after every meal.
8. Drink warm lemon water in early morning.
9. Increase the intake of ginger.
10. Eat yogurt.