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High Protien Diet

A good diet is the key to a healthy life. A good diet is a nutritious diet like eating green vegetables, cereals, milk. Proper diet also means eating from time to time people need good food today. Because day by day means diet is deteriorating. They moving away from vegetables and getting closer to junk food. That is why it is affecting on their health. So keep eating  well .
In this article we will look at a diet high in protein. Almost all the foods in this diet are available in your home. So this diet is affordable for everyone.
This diet will be completely natural. You can also use this disease to lose weight or build muscle.
MondayMeal No.1 (700 cal)

oats, brown bread, fruits, green tea or warm water or black coffee

Meal No.2 (700 cal)

chicken, rice, vegetable salad, warm water

Meal No.3 (200 cal)

fruit, almonds

Meal No.4 (200 cal)

Home made protein shake

Meal No.5 (600 cal)

brown rice, omelette, vegetable salad, curd
TuesdayMeal No. 1 (700 cal)

fruits, omelette, brown bread, black coffee or w…

Low Carbs Diet For 2020

In this article we will see low carbs diet to lose weight.basically every food has carbs / carbohydrates. it is a part of nutrition.carbs give energy to our body to do physical activity.

how do carbohydrates work ?Every food has different amount of carbs.When we eat any food that means we consume some amount of carbs / carbohydrates.
After some time of eating carbs convert into glucose and that glucose our body use as a energy or in the form of energy.
we should consume 25 to 40 % less amount of carbohydrates to lose weight.
For Example our daily requirement of carbs is 500 then we should consume 150-200 in less amount carbs.
Low Carb Diet PlanHere we will see the dietwhich is low carb .Consume low carbs to lose weight is really better option. Monday (666 Cal) Meal No : 1 Boiled Chicken, Brown Rice

Meal No : 2 Cucumber, boiled fish, Brown Rice, salad

Meal No : 3 Vegetables Soup, Brown rice, Fruits
Tuesday (666 Cal)Meal No : 1
Boiled Eggs, Oats, Brown Bread, Brown Rice

Meal No : 2
Boiled chicken, Rice…

Weight Loss Meal Plan ( 2000 cal )

Hey guys , in the last article we have solved some question. In this article we will see full day meal which will be up to 2000 calories.because diet is very important thing in body  transformation. we take 2000 calories because this is the basic need amount of calories in every human we will divide 2000 calories into 3 meals.cause this will be full day of the important thing is this is a weight meals.which have less fat, low carbs and high protein. so let's know .
Meals For Weight Loss (2000 cal )Meal No.1 This is a our breakfast or first meal of the day.which is very very important meal.this will help us to stay active for full this meal we will eat 666 calories.there are best option for breakfast. Egg WhitesPohaIdliFruitsOatsWheat RotiNormal Bread or Brown 🍞 Bread
Eat any food from meal options just take care about calories defisit. Meal No.2 Meal no 2 is another important meal cause to stay energetic in a day. Brown RiceBoiled ChickenBoiled FishEggsMeal N…