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Corona Virus Effects On World Health

The hottest topic at the moment is the corona virus. Today, the world is planning to tackle the corona virus.the outbreak that a few months ago has made the whole world crazy.The most advanced countries in the world, such as the us and china  are in bad situation.the disease emerged during November - December last year, almost five to six months ago, but the whole world is unable to find a medicine on the disease and the disease is spreading.the whole world is shaken by this.corona causes so many victim every day.As if the whole world was helpless in front of corona.theworld health organization even declared corona as a global epidemic.

Corona originated in china. It was first reported about corona that the disease had spread through  the meat market in Wuhan, china. Now, a few days ago, it was shown that it was a device created by china, which china intended to occupy the entire world, but this left the opposite.

Coronation has ruined the economy of many countries. thousand of peoples …

Corona Virus | How To Be Safe From It ?

Corona Virus (COVID-19)For few months , a virus called corona virus has caused panic in the world. many peoples have fallen prey to this virus.

The virus originated in china around December 2019. it's birthplace is Wuhan in china. We know the strange culture of china's picture. their cultures, foods are very and very different. china is famous all over the world for their food items. in china we see poorer foods. 

More often that not , we get to see non-vegetarian foods.such as snakes, rat, cat, dogs, squirrels etc. 

It is suspected that such organisms originate from the virus called corona.

The corona corruption virus is doing the same thing as it was  a few years ago with a swing flue disease. according to current information including india, australia-2, belgium-3, cambodia-1, canada-1 and china-20,000.

As the time progresses the number of patients with this virus increases with time. may have even died. therefore the world health organization has also declared an emergency.