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What is Cancer ? | Basic Information

Even if cancer mentioned, it immediately creates fear in our mind that if we get the diseased ?. Uncontrolled growth of cells in our body causes cancer. 

cancer destroy healthy cells in the body that is why the human immunity system is weakened and that is why cancer builds it rules over our body. 

A total of 100+ types of cancer have found in humans, but it can be found in any other animal. the disease spreads rapidly from one part of the body to another. as a person gets older, the risk of getting cancer also increases.  

This is because as a person gets older, his body's immune system weakens and hence his risk of getting cancer increases.

Tobacco, cigarettes and alcohol are some of the causes of cancer.

In This article, we will briefly discuss what exactly cancer is, the symptoms of cancer, the causes of cancer, the cure for cancer and many more.
Types OF Cancer Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma.Anal Cancer.Amyloidosis.adrenal gland tumor.Appendix cancer.Bone Cancer.Bladder Cancer.Bile Duct…