Nowadays, we all know how health conscious people have become. And why not? We have to pay attention to our health by looking at the environment around us. The environment around us is polluted by deforestation and the effects are not visible day by day. It is still declining in many parts of the world. Pollution is a result of human crises. Adding to the human crisis is the fact that corona virus is a form of corona virus.

Compassionate virus is a type of virus that is spread through the air or through contact with a sick person. The corona virus outbreak took place in China, the worst gift China has given to the world.

It's been several months since we've been together, but no scientist or doctor has any clear information about Koruna, and no vaccine or drug has yet been found to cure the disease. Is needed

Because unless you know the question, you can't find the answer to it. There are attempts all over the world today to find a corona vaccine against the disease of compassion, but it is failing twice as much as it is.

In the meantime, we are going to look at some of the information on how to protect your body from this disease, which has taken its toll on millions of people who have lost their lives, or what kind of diet you need to eat to protect your body from this disease.

Here we will see What is Balance Diet ?, Roll of Balance Diet During Covid-19, Good foods during Corona virus.

Role Of Balance Diet During Covid-19

Giving Full Nutrition To the Body

An in-depth study of biology will show that your body is made up of millions of such tiny stations. Your body consists of bones, flesh, blood vessels, blood and many other organs. They need to eat the right amount of food to stay active because the diet contains nutrients that help to complete the processes that take place in our body. Proper nutrition is so important to your body that if you don't get it, your body can stop functioning properly and this can lead to many diseases and increase your daily stress, which can lead to death.

Boosting The Immune System

No one still understands what your body needs most. Your body needs all kinds of nutrients in the right amount. It is not working properly. We know that if you eat properly, your immune system will be better. I.e. 

Your body is not related to any disease or your body does not have to deal with any kind of disease or virus because your body's immune system does not keep the disease in your body for a long time and therefore the disease is eliminated from your body.

Keep Always Minor Ailments

Colds, coughs, body aches, headaches, sore throats are minor ailments that bother you a lot and are constantly bothering you. There is no need to know why diseases occur because there is something lacking in our body or diet.

what are the some good food to eat during the covid-19 pandemic ?

  • Chicken 
  • Eggs
  • Fruits
  • Veggies
  • Cereals