Yoga is a great way to maintain good physical and mental health. Yoga is also known as Yogasana. Since Yoga originated in India, Yogasana is named in the Indian cultural language. We can understand that yoga is a form of exercise. Yoga was born in the ancient Indian culture thousands of years ago and yoga is the greatest gift India has given to the world. Yoga involves many asanas. Such as tress pose, snake pose, diamond pose many more.

While many people exercise in the gym to keep their body fit and healthy, many people do yoga, both of which are great options, but now the question arises as to whether yoga is better or a gym workout. Of course, the simple answer is that yoga is a better option than other exercises and gym.

Another question that arises after this is why and how is yoga greater than physical exercise?.We will see the explanation in this article.

What Is Yoga ?

Yoga is a form of exercise that involves a number of exercises known as asanas.


Tree Pose, Diamond Pose, Boat Pose, snake pose and more.

Why Is Yoga Greater Than Physical Exercise ?

Whether you go to the gym or do a variety of exercises at home, these exercises are just for your physical development, that is, to increase your body's efficiency, to keep your body healthy and to keep your body flowing well.But when we do this yoga, along with our physical development, mental development or brain development also happens to a great extent because in yoga we want to keep our mind calm and concentrate in yoga by putting all the thoughts in our head. 

There are two benefits to doing yoga, firstly it increases your physical efficiency and secondly it also increases your intellectual efficiency and also helps you to get rid of diseases like low blood pressure and mental disorders.