Obesity is an obese person who has excess fat on his body and does not have any shape in his body.Nowadays, the proportion of obese people is increasing because laziness is not exercised and it is further aggravated by corona. Corona has shut down almost half the world There are also lockdowns in many countries. One of the biggest reasons for obesity is that many factories and companies have closed down and people are sitting at home.

If the question of why obesity occurs in the minds of many, the only answer is that not eating a proper and nutritious diet and not exercising are the two biggest reasons. That is why more than ten percent of the world's population is obese today.

Nutritious and proper diet is said to include milk as milk is our traditional liquid food which we have been using in our food for thousands of years. Milk is also used to make many products which are in high demand in the market today.

There is a type of milk called Flavor Milk in the market today. The milk has different tastes but the nutritional value is the same.

In this article we will learn which type of milk is most useful for you to lose weight.

what is milk ?

Milk is a nutritious drink that we have been using in our diet for many years. We usually use cow's and buffalo's milk in our diet. Many foods are also made from you which is also known as dairy product or dairy food.  But today there are many types of milk available in the market like Peanut Mill Flavored Milk Soy Milk Greek Milk etc.

Which Milk Is Better To Lose Weight Cow Milk OR Soy Milk ?

Basically, milk is a very nutritious drink, be it cow's or buffalo, it is only a little bit in its nutritional value. Cow's milk contains fat routines and other nutrients that are beneficial to our body. We can also use milk to lose weight. But soybean milk is also high in protein, which is high in protein and low in fat, so soybean milk is more useful for weight loss than cow's milk.

How To Make Soy Milk ?

To make soy milk, first soak the beans in water overnight. In the morning, take the seeds in a bowl and remove the salt from the soybean coins. Then separate the seeds from it. Take it in a blender. Add a little water in the blender and grind it properly to make a paste. Then take the paste in a big pot and add a little water in it Mix it well with a large spoon or any other means and finally strain it. All you get is the white liquid. Heat the soy milk. This is how your milk will be made.