There are different types of people living in this world, each person is very different from the other person, be it caste, religion or physical constitution, there is a big gap between the two. So each person has their own characteristics. In the same way, we can see the difference in their anatomy, appearance, walking, talking, laughing, sound.

As important as your appearance is in your life, your speech and your skills are just as important as your height because height can make a person's personality very attractive.

If a person's height is right and his physique is in order, then the attraction of that person is more impressive than other people which makes the person in front attracted to that person. Therefore, among other things in our life, height is also very important.

Many people who are short due to their age and for some reason often have a question about how to increase their height, as well as how many people who can't afford to exercise due to their work and their busy lifestyle. In addition, many children and individuals who do not like to drink milk often have a question about how to increase their height without breastfeeding. Also, many people are confused as to whether their height is suitable for their age.

how to increase height without milk and exercise ?

Here we will see in detail how to increase the height through various points.

 Eat a proper Diet

It doesn't matter if your whole anatomy, your habits, your temperament is based entirely on your diet. Your diet is very important in your life. If your diet is right, your physical health stays good, so your chances of intellectual development also increase and your mind is always real, so your chances of completing your work in a positive way increase by 100%. 

Now many people are wondering what is the right diet or good diet. The right diet is fruits, vegetables, home-made foods, milk, eggs, chicken and non-vegetarian foods. In short, a proper diet is one that provides the proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that your body needs. If your diet is right then your body stays fit and healthy and there is no hindrance in the development of the body. Always remember the phrase It Healthy Be Healthy.

Get a enough Sleep

Sleep is an integral part of our lives. Every person needs at least seven to eight hours of sleep out of 24 hours. If a person does not get enough sleep, his / her physical and mental health begins to deteriorate. Irritability.

If your appetite is not satisfied then your appetite dies and your body does not develop properly as the food does not enter your body properly so getting proper sleep is also an important part of increasing height.

play outdoor Games

Play Outdoor Games is a way to go out and play outdoor games like cricket, football, football, hockey, badminton etc. Sometimes children think that outdoor games means playing games on mobile while going out. Playing outdoor games speeds up your physical and intellectual development as well as your physical development. Exercise does not impede physical development, whether it is gaining weight or losing weight.

Playing outdoor games develops your muscles which increases your physical strength and allows you to do heavy tasks easily as well as helps you to protect yourself from diseases like low blood pressure due to excessive breathing. This gives us more physical exercise

Do yoga

Yoga is a traditional form of Indian exercise that has existed on this planet for thousands of years but today with the spread of information about yoga all over the world, the number of yoga lovers is also increasing day by day. 

Yoga is a way to move your body more than usual without focusing on your body and mind, so you don't have to deal with problems like obesity, as well as cleansing the blood, keeping the blood pressure right, boosting the immune system, increasing the mental strength, developing the mind, taking care of the bones. Infinite benefits like these are happening to our body from yoga. Yoga involves many quests such as the Diamond Pose Boat Pose Snake Pose and much more.

Importance Of height

Now one of the biggest questions that arises is what is the benefit of height and where the height will be useful to you in the effective question of many, of course, this is the question we will solve here.

On the field

Suppose a person is a player, be it football or cricket. And if his height is more impressive and taller than other players, then that player can give better performance than other players because the taller players can easily do what other players cannot do due to their short stature like long jump high jump. Catching by birth and much more

To perform heavy tasks

After many years of research, scientists have come to understand that a person who is taller is also much more capable of doing heavy work than other people. This is because these people have shorter muscle sizes when they are short and people who are taller have bigger muscle sizes as well as higher muscle efficiency.

To impress the person in front

When two people meet each other for the first time, they observe how they look and behave, and if a person is taller, that person looks more attractive and professional than the other person, so people are attracted to them.