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List Of Foods For Immunity Booster

Today's 21st Century is considered to be a century of development in which many areas such as industrial, medicine and others are developing today. In this age people are running towards only one thing and that is that people are not paying attention to their physical path while chasing money, they are forgetting the health of their body day by day and this is why they are facing many problems today.

Moreover, corona has claimed the lives of millions of people today. All the people in the world today are living a life of terror due to compassion and hence the distance between the people is widening. Compassion is the worst gift China has ever given to the world. Today, millions of people have died all over the world because of corona alone. This is how we need to take care of our health and our people. 

Not only young people but also people who are affected by many diseases like compassion need to boost their immune system in order to be safe and secure.

In this article we will look at what is immunity ?, benefit of immunity and foods to boost your immunity.

What Is Immunity ?

Immunity is the body system that protects us from many diseases and protects our body.

Suppose you have a disease that develops in your body and the good cells in your body destroy those bad cells to protect your body or it doesn't last long in the body, we can call it immunity.

Immunity Booster Foods

We have been hearing since childhood that it is true that the body is our real wealth but to maintain this wealth we need proper diet and exercise. Here we will give you a brief overview on what foods to eat to boost your body's immune system.

1. Wheat

2. fruits

3. Home made foods only

4. cereals

5. vegetables

6. Milk

7. nuts

8. Chicken

9. Eggs

10. Fish

11. Sea Foods

Benefit Of Immunity

One of the benefits of having a good immune system is that your body does not fall prey to diseases. It protects your body from many diseases.

According to scientists, a deadly disease like cancer corona cannot penetrate a body with good immune system and even if it does, it cannot survive in that body for long.

Bottom Line

There are no specific foods to boost the immune system. Eating right, exercising regularly, doing yoga, there are many ways you can boost your immune system and keep your body healthy.


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