An obese person says that you see a picture of a fat person in front of your eyes and it is also natural that obesity causes excess fat to build up in your body and a person to gain more weight than he wants is known as obesity. 

Today more than one billion people around the world are struggling and the biggest reason for this is oily foods junk food constantly relaxing laziness less body movement not exercising and staying asleep constantly.

In this article we will look at how to lose body fat without loosing weight.

How To Lose Body Fat Without Losing Weight ?

There is a common misconception that reducing body fat does not help you lose weight, but it is a complete misconception because every time you check your weight, your whole body weight is checked, it also includes your extra fat and when you lose your extra fat So we lose excess fat from our total weight and so when we check our weight after losing weight, our weight is shown less in the scales than before.

The best way to do fat loss is to do high intensity workouts like jumping running etc. These are some of the types of exercises that are used for fat loss as well as to burn off maximum calories in minimum time. These types of exercises are also considered to be the best for beginners.

Another great remedy for fat loss is to change your diet by avoiding foods like oily junk food accordingly and include a garland of fruits and vegetables instead of vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are very low in calories so no matter how many vegetables or fruits you eat your body does not contain many calories. And so we eat less than the calories we need, which helps us lose weight faster.

The third best remedy is drinks that include lemon water honey water hot water green tea black coffee black green coffee are some of the favorites that break down your fat cells and also help reduce it as quickly as possible.