Yoga is a traditional form of exercise in India that has existed on this earth for thousands of years. It is not wrong to say that India is the birthplace of yoga.

Today, yoga has spread all over the world and India has worked to convince the world of the importance of yoga. There are many types of asanas in yoga which are named after the Indian tradition.

Doing regular yoga has many benefits for your mind and body. Such as body flexibility, joint pain closure, weight loss, increased body function, skin brightening, blood circulation in the body, etc.

In this article we will look at yoga for blood circulation and  some of the types of asanas that are easy to present and will help in proper blood circulation throughout the body.

Yoga For Blood Circulation

Here we will look at some yoga poses that are easy to perform and very effective.

Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

In Indian cultural language, the snake is called Bhujang. In this asana you want to perform a position of the snake which is called bhujangasana in Indian language and cobra pose in English.

To perform this, first lie on the ground at the base of the abdomen and try to lift the upper part of your chest with your hands on the ground as the cobra pulls its fangs.

Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana)

Presenting it like this will definitely remind everyone of your childhood because it is in such a position that the teacher would punish you as a child.

There are two advantages of this asana.
The first is that the memories of your childhood will be refreshed and at the same time your body will be exercised and blood circulation in the body will be regulated.

This asana is very easy to perform. First stand up straight and then slowly bend at the waist and touch both your toes.

Wind-Releving Pose (pawanmuktasana)

Just like we hold a person tight, we want to hold both our legs tight. To do this, first lie on the ground with your back, then bend your legs at your knees and bring them toward your abdomen, and hold those two bent legs tightly with both hands.

One thing you will definitely remember while presenting this is that when your brother or sister tries to pull something from you, you have to hold the object tightly between your legs in such a way that no one can pull the object from you.

Corpse Pose (shavasana)

Shavasana is a type of asana that every man will love even the most lazy person.
Because in this asana you have to lie on the ground on your back without any action.

The purpose of this festival is not only to sleep but in doing so we want to get rid of every thought in our mind and keep our body relaxed so that all the stress in our head will be removed and the mind will be happy.

Bottom Line

The types of seats shown above are so simple that it is very easy to introduce to a new person. When a new person introduces this asana, increase your time limit to 3 minutes after the first 3 minutes so that the person will not feel any discomfort to the body. Do Yoga Stay Healthy.