Chicken is basically a non-vegetarian food. Chicken is a bird that is eaten by human. There are different breeds of chicken and each breed has its own characteristics and therefore their taste also makes a difference.

Today, chicken is eaten with relish all over the world. Everyone from small children to the elderly are fans of chicken.

People of different religions, castes and tribes live all over the world. There is a big difference in the way they live and eat. So the chicken has got different flavors.

It is also used to make a variety of delicacies chicken such as chicken tandoori, chicken lollipop, chicken soup, chicken-65 and chicken chilli are some of the common foods that are eaten all over the world.

Chicken is tasty but also nutritious which contains many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that the body needs.

In this article we will see the information about Nutrition Fact Of chicken, A Best recipe of chicken, Vitamins & Minerals of chicken And Health Benefits Of Chicken.

Nutrition Of Chicken

Chicken is a nutritious non-vegetarian food. It is low in carbohydrates and high in protein. Chicken has different ingredients and different calories. For example, chicken breasts are high in protein and chicken leg pieces are low in protein. 

It is also rich in many vitamins and minerals. Like potassium, calcium, vitamin A, much more.

Nutrition Table

Calories (100 G )
14 Gm
88 Mg
82 Mg
223 Mg
27 Gm

Vitamins And Minerals Of Chicken


Cholesterol has three main functions in our body. The first is to help your body produce sex hormones, help produce bile in the liver, and build up blocks for body tissue. Chicken contains 28% or 88 mg of cholesterol.


Vitamin-A is a fat soluble vitamin. Which is naturally available in many foods, both in vegetables and in fruits. Such as spinach, frozen, sweet potato, pumpkin and much more. 

It is involved in many processes such as boosting our immune system, reproduction and also helps our body to function properly in organs like heart, brain and liver.


Calcium is what your body needs to keep your bones and teeth strong and functioning smoothly. Also, proper intake of calcium is more likely to stop your joint pain. 

Chicken contains a total of three percent calcium. Milk, yogurt and cheese are excellent sources of calcium.


About 70% of the blood in your body is iron. Your blood is red because you have high levels of iron in your blood. In addition to blood cells, iron is also found in muscle cells called myglobin, but the amount of iron in it is much lower than the amount of iron in blood cells.

Iron works to supply oxygen to the blood, boosts your immune system, and converts blood sugar into energy. Chicken contains a total of 7% iron.


Vitamin B6 is called water soluble vitamin. This vitamin helps your body make blood cells. Your body cannot make this vitamin B6 so a good source of it is you have to inject it into your body from outside via food. Fruits, vegetables are a good source of vitamin B6.


Magnesium is the only mineral that participates in three hundred processes in the body like boosting your immune system, maintaining the strength of bones and teeth, maintaining proper blood flow, taking care of your heart and much more. Chicken contains a total of 5% magnesium. Green, spinach and cashews are the best sources of magnesium.

Health Benefits Of Chicken

Your body needs a lot of vitamins and minerals. He needs nutritious food. Decades of low fat in vegetables, chicken, fish, etc. help you lose weight and having more protein helps your body to function more efficiently.

Chicken boosts your immune system, prevents heart attacks and has many benefits which we will see below.
  • High Protein
  • weight loss
  • immunity strength
  • Fat Free
  • improve heart health
  • Strengthen bones

The Best Chicken Recipe

Here we will see a chicken dish that tastes good but is also nutritious. This dish can be tried by both people who want to lose weight and people who want to do bodybuilding.

First take as many chickens as you want. Clean it properly. Add ginger, garlic paste and leave it for 20 minutes. Take a Pan. Take a little oil in that pan. Then take the chicken with ginger garlic paste and fry it on the pan. Fry it until it turns red. When it turns red, add a little tomato sauce, red chili sauce and salt to taste. When this is done, add onion leaves and do it all. If you like, you can also add black paper.

Bottom Line

Chicken is a non-vegetarian food that is eaten with relish everywhere. It is a nutritious food that is high in protein. It contains minerals like Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Vitamins A and B6. Eating chicken helps you lose weight, helps build muscle strength, boosts your immune system and keeps your heart healthy.