One question always comes to mind and that is can you do yoga for weight loss? 
And the only answer is yes. We can lose weight and do weight control by doing yoga.

The history of yoga is very old, even thousands of years ago. Yoga involves many asanas. Each asanas is very different from the other.

Yogasana has many physical benefits. One of the benefits is weight loss or fat loss and weight management.

In this article we will see what is the yoga?, a history of yoga, names of yoga poses and yoga for weight loss.

What Is The Yoga ?

Yoga is a Sanskrit word. Sanskrit is the traditional language of India. The word yoga is formed by combining the Sanskrit words "yuj" and "yok". Yuj means to connect, while yok means concentrated. Yoga is the coordination of the organs of the body, the emotions of the mind and spirituality.
Yoga is a form of traditional exercise.

Names Of Yoga Poses

There are many different types of asanas in yoga. Names of yoga poses are as Follow :
  1. Cobra Pose
  2. Grassopper Pose
  3. Bow Pose
  4. Boat Pose
  5. Standing Forward Bend
  6. Shoulder Stand
  7. Plough Pose
  8. Wind-Relieving Pose
  9. Corpse Pose
  10. Lotus Pose
  11. Tree Pose
  12. Diamond Pose
  13. Head Stand.

A History Of Yoga

Yoga was born in Indian culture thousands of years ago.
Yoga is India's greatest gift to the world.

For thousands of years, our ancestors were said to be apes. It is said that yoga has existed in this world since its inception.Yoga represents Indian culture.

The history of India shows that people have a long life in the past because of doing yoga.

Yoga is very old but its importance is increasing day by day in this age of discovery.

Yoga involves different philosophies. Such as, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Hatayoga, Raja Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Shiva Yoga, Nada Yoga, Laya Yoga and many more. 'Asane' is a part of this Hatyoga tradition. Nowadays, yoga is associated with purely physical postures. But the central teaching of yoga is to maintain a steady state of mind. The Bhagavad Gita states, "Yoga: karmasu kaushalam." That is, 'Yoga is the skill in action and expression'.

Yoga For Weight Loss

Regular yoga not only helps you lose weight but also maintain it. Also, doing yoga speeds up your metabolism and keeps the blood pressure well. There are many benefits that yoga gives you. 

If you are a beginner and do not know from which asanas to start, click here and get complete guidance.

Here we will look at some asanas that are very easy to perform and will also help you to lose weight quickly.

Cobra Pose

cobra pose

Cobra pose is also called Bhujangasana in Indian language. In Indian language Bhujang means snake and Bhujangasana is a position in which we make our body shaped like a snake.Doing Bhujangasana puts stress on your abdomen and helps in reducing belly fat and also reduces back pain or back pain.

Grassopper Pose

Grassopper pose

Leaving the stomach while posting a grassopper puts pressure on your other body, which means that the shoulder, thigh and the extra fat in it helps to reduce the fat. Lie on your stomach first and move both your hands towards the back and then keep both hands and both feet together in the air. Hold on for a moment.

Bow Pose 

Bow pose

Bow pose puts pressure on all the organs of your body and also helps your body to become flexible. In this, to demonstrate that you have to handle the entire toll of your body only on the basis of the abdomen, first lie on your stomach, then lift your legs backwards and try to hold your soles with both hands.

Standing Forward Bend

standing forward bend

A standing forward bend is a type of asana that is closest to you. You may have done this at some point in your life.You may have done this at some point in your life
As a child, when we used to have fun at school, the teacher used to punish us. This asana is just like that punishment. As you can understand from the name, standing forward bend means you have to stand up straight first and slowly hold your toes with your toes.

Shoulder Stand

shoulder stand

The shoulder stand is also a fun way to have fun in which you want to lift your body weight and carry it on your shoulders. Now many people may be wondering how to lift the whole body weight on your shoulders, so there is nothing to worry about. Can present a shoulder stand. 

Corpse Pose

corpse pose

Carpse Pose is the simplest form of yoga that any person can do, in which you just want to keep your body and lie on the ground.

Bottom Line

Yoga is a form of exercise and the concentration of our mind and body is yoga. Doing yoga every day has many benefits for your body such as weight loss, increased metabolism, proper digestion, prevention of diabetes, increased brain function. this is about yoga for weight loss.