heart attack

Heart attack has become our word of introduction. The only thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name of heart attack is death. Because heart attack is considered to be a deadly disease. In the past it was not very common but in the next four to five years it has increased a lot of patients which has made it a familiar disease.

Heart attack, however, cannot be called a disease because stopping the flow of blood can be a technical malfunction in our body that causes a heart attack.There can be many reasons for this physical deterioration.

In this article we will look at what is heart attack ?, what causes a heart attack ? and how you can avoid having a heart attack ?.

What Is The Heart Attack ?

Heart attack is a deadly disease of the heart. A heart attack is when the blood supply to a person's heart is not regulated or it is completely shut off so the heart does not have oxygen supply and without oxygen the heart stops working and the person dies.

heart attack

The disease was very prevalent a few years ago but nowadays the number of heart attack patients has increased so much that almost five out of every 50 people suffer from heart attack.

The incidence of heart attacks used to be very low in the past but due to the changing environment and changing lifestyles, the incidence has increased a lot nowadays.

Older people, people with diabetes, diabetes and high blood pressure are more likely to have a heart attack.
That is how we need to take care of ourselves.

Causes Of Heart Attack


When a person is young, his physical condition is the best. But as a person gets older, some changes take place in his body. Decreased immunity, joint pain, poor blood flow, etc. When a person is completely old, many disorders occur in his body, so he also has to deal with many diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, etc., and so on. This can sometimes be a reason why a person has to deal with hi-tech. Aging can also be a reason for people to have a heart attack.


Open City means gaining weight. There is some weight in the body that is not good for the body, so the body has to deal with many diseases. Obesity fills us up, so we don't feel like doing any work. An important reason for being a nut is junk food. 

When your body is very heavy you don't feel like doing any work so your body doesn't move much so your body doesn't get proper blood flow can also be one of the reasons.It can also be a cause of heart attack


Tension is a thing that is present in everyone's life. A person who does not have stress in his life is considered to be the happiest person. People have different types of stress, some have work stress, some have money stress, some have stress at home, some have some other stress.

It is up to us to deal with such stress or to be able to cope with it. Stress is very harmful to our body. One of the reasons why a person does not pay attention to his body due to stress and therefore the effects it has on his body is that he has to deal with various diseases.

The body is our real asset, so it is a good way to deal with stress without causing any harm to your body.

Lack Of Physical Activities

We have seen before that in obesity, it is very common for people to move their body, but some people do not move their body due to laziness even without minutes, so their body cannot function properly, their body does not have proper blood flow, they face heart attack. As much as possible, doing as much physical activity as possible is a great option for your own body

Blood Pressure.

High blood pressure is a disease in which the speed of blood flow in your body starts fluctuating. If something bad happens to you, it can sometimes affect your blood flow. Some people think that it is better to have a rapid blood flow but not only that the flow should not be too fast and there should not be too much air as it can have a direct effect on your heart and it can affect your life.

When there is blood flow, the blood supply to your heart is very slow and therefore the heart does not get enough oxygen. Yes, a person can have a heart attack. Sometimes the blood supply is too fast and the blood supply to the heart is so fast that the heart cannot function properly and this can lead to a heart attack.

How To Prevent The Heart Attack ?


Exercising for at least 15-20 minutes every day makes your body move more and so your body functions properly so the body does not have to deal with heart attack and any other ailments. Exercise is considered to be a great option to prevent heart attack.

Avoid Oily Foods

Oily foods are very harmful to your body and are also considered to be one of the biggest causes of obesity. They are high in fat so many times more than your body needs. Pressure can sometimes lead to cancer as well. This causes your blood vessels to become depressed and the blood supply to be disrupted, which can lead to a heart attack.

Eat Healthy Diet

diet is an integral part of our daily lives without which we cannot live our lives but if we are eating the wrong diet then it can meet us sometimes. The right diet is the key to our good body.

If your diet is good then there is no hindrance to the functioning of the body and you do not suffer from any kind of diseases. healthy diet means eat healthy food time to time.


Yoga is a form of exercise but there is a big difference between exercise and yoga. There are many more benefits to yoga than just exercise.Exercise only strengthens the body and increases the efficiency of the muscles.

Yoga not only strengthens the body, improves your digestive system, improves mental health, boosts immunity, keeps blood flow in the body smooth and keeps your limbs flexible.

Today it is said that yoga prolongs the life of a person and this is also true. People who do regular yoga never get sick and do not have to deal with diseases like heart attack, diabetes and blood pressure.