Today people have developed a lot but as people are progressing, people's life is becoming unhealthy. As a result, people have to face many physical diseases. One of the physical problems is hair loss.

A few years ago hair loss was not a common problem but today it has become a common problem. Because many people have to deal with hair loss. Hair loss is a common problem in elderly and those over 30, but it is not common in young children or teenager.

There can be many reasons for this and there can be an answer to those reasons.

In this article we will look at what is hair loss, reason for hair loss and how to prevent hair loss for teenage guy ?.
hair loss

What Is Hair Loss ?

Before looking about the causes of hair loss and the remedies for it, we must first understand what is hair loss ?.

Hair loss is a condition in which the hair on the scalp starts to fall out due to a breakdown in the body and the hair does not grow back in that place.

Reason For Hair Loss

Shampoo And Soap

There are new shampoo and soaps available in the market today that we can use for our scalp but these soaps contain chemicals which are harmful to our scalp. Many of us use this product without thinking about it. 

Whenever we use soap and shampoo, foam is formed from it. As soon as this foam reaches the roots of your hair, you start losing hair in a few days.

We all need to understand that even if it is a part of our lives for the poor, it is harmful for our hair.


Malnutrition is caused not only by external problems of the body but also by internal problems of the body. 

Malnutrition is more common in children as even young children avoid food so their body does not get nutrition and this is one of the reasons for hair loss.


We all know how much pollution has increased today and how harmful it is to our whole body.

Whenever we go out for some reason, the outside atmosphere is not clean. The whole atmosphere is just dust and smoke coming out of the vehicles. This smoke and dust weakens your hair when it gets on your hair and sticks to your hair and it is also a cause of hair loss which is not easily noticed by anyone.

Junk Food

Today, not only children but also adults are fond of junk food. It's like junk food is our life.

Junk food can sometimes take your life. It does not contain any nutrients and uses substances that are essential for the body, such as color.

Junk food just looks good but it is not nutritious. This can lead to diseases like stomach cancer.


Now you may be wondering what is the connection between DNA and hair loss. There is a very big relationship. For example, if a person's ancestors have a problem with hair loss, then that problem is passed on to that person's descendants. It's just that your grandfather's property goes to your father and you get your father's property.

So not everyone, but some people have this problem that his descendants get.


When you don’t take a bath or wash your head for many days, dandruff forms on the scalp and sticks to your scalp, so hair loss is also likely to start.

How To Prevent Hair Loss For Teenage Guys ?

Eat Nutritious Food

Just as nutrition is needed for body growth, so is nutrition for hair growth. Protein is very important for your hair. Your body needs proper nutrition to nourish your hair and grow it properly. Eating vegetables, fruits and pulses every day gives your body the right food and nourishes your body so you can stop hair loss.

Avoid Soap And Shampoo

As you know how harmful shampoos and soaps are for your hair, avoid using shampoos and soaps as much as possible. Protect your hair from this.

Use Cap

Wear a hat or handkerchief on your head when going out of the house so that dust does not fall on your hair and weaken your hair.

Amla Powder

Amla is considered to be very beneficial for your hair. Take some amla and dry it completely to make its powder. Mix this powder in coconut oil while sleeping at night and massage the scalp and wash the hair with warm water in the morning without using soap.

It is an ayurvedic remedy that helps to make your hair thicker and stronger.

Curd And Lemon

We use shampoo to get rid of dandruff and this increases the risk of hair loss.

Take a cup of yoghurt, squeeze a lemon in it, massage the paste on your scalp and leave the paste on your scalp for 10 minutes. After doing this for three days in a row, all the dandruff in your scalp goes away without any side effects.

Bottom Line

Hair loss is more common in the elderly but less common in young children or teenager. There are many causes for this such as pollution, dandruff, soap, shampoo and malnutrition. By taking care of a few small things, you can easily stop hair loss.