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Healthy Habits Of Digestion Of Food

Given the current lifestyle and eating habits, more and more peoples are having stomach problems and another question that comes to their mind is how to digest food ?.

digest food

There are many causes of indigestion. sometimes indigestion is caused by one's own falt. Given the current situation junk food can be major cause of indigestion. junk food has become an integral part of our lives. 

Today's young generation is turning to junk food. They are starting to get away from vegetables and pulses. Junk food is high in flour and oil which makes our stomach upset. Moreover, it lasts for several days. It is not that junk food is the only reason for indigestion. The second reason to do is not to exercise. there are many possibles causes for indigestion. but we will see in details in this article what the solution is.

Healthy Habits Of Digestion Of Food


Walking is considered to be the best exercise ever. Walking is also considered on important form of cardio exercise. This is an exercise that anyone of can do very easily. It also has many benefits. such as proper blood flow, weight loss etc. Our parents always tell us not to go to bed immediately after a meal.

Walking For ten minutes after a meal helps digest food and also burn calories. Doing this regularly improves our digestion. so that indigestion does not recur.

Drink Warm Water

Hot water is very beneficial for our body. hot means not too hot but the water should be neigther too hot nor too cold. the water should be warm. It should be seen at least ten minutes after the meal. This will not cause much discomfort to the stomach while digesting food.

Warm water is also beneficial for weight loss. If we drink warm water every day, if we consume for a month, we can lose two kg weight without diet and exercise.

Drinking luck warm water makes us sweat so that the excess water stored in our body loses weight and we feel lighter.

Eat Vegetables And Fruits

Fruits and vegetables are very important in our lives and have been for a long time.  Ever since this earth, human has been in the world eating vegetables and fruits. This is one of our basic need.

Fruits and vegetables meet your body's need for protein vitamins and carbs. Eating these foods constantly boost your daily immunity. person does not get fat.

These substances come to your home from the farm there is no processing that is right for your body. These makes your body stronger and increases your body's working capacity.

32 Times Formula

The 32 times formula is the most powerful formula. the 32 times formula is to chew at least 32 times each bite while eating. it is also written in ayurveda. food is an integral part of our entire lives without which we can not survice. It is of no use if you do not eat the meal properly.

When we bite a meal finely, the meal goes into the stomach in very small pieces. The food is already chewed more so that the stomach does not have much difficulty in digesting the food is digested properly and your digestion improves.


Vajrasana (sitting position) is a form of yoga. yoga is considered to be india's gretest gift to the world. one types of exercise in yoga is vajrasana.

Vajrasana has many benefits for our body such as reduction of back pain, improvement of sitting posture, proper blood flow, proper digestion of food etc. In this you have to sit with our feed facing backward.

Avoid Junk Food

Junk food is a fried and colorful picture that stands before our eyes. It also tastes good. A lot of peoples are turning to junk food these days. It may look good but it has lot of fat for our body.

Eating junk food every day and regularly can also lead to cancer. many peoples had cancer due to junk food, some people last their lives.

Junk food is high in oil and flour. which makes it difficult for the stomach to digest and impairs our digestion. So avoiding junk food will be good for our stomach and our body.


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