We have been hearing since childhood that the body is our real asset. We have been taking care of how many people are taking care of our body and trying to keep our body healthy. Is also important.

Many people today are turning to bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is about increasing the area of ​​your body by giving it the right shape.

The most attractive body part in bodybuilding is considered to be abs. Its full name is Abdominal but it is known as Abs.

There are many types of exercises available in the world of bodybuilding for abdominal and here are some of the best types of exercises.

This article we will see some information about abdominal, abs workouts at home and many more.

Abs Workout

abs workout
There are three main types of abs and their types of exercises are also divided according to their type. Upper Abs and Lower Abs. Abdominal  has two parts and different exercise types apply to all two parts.

Upper Abs Workout

As you can see from the name, the upper abs are the upper part of the abdominal. High ups perform faster than lower abs.

Cable Crunch

cable crunch

Cable crunches are a kind of abs exercise done in gym that you can't do at home because it requires some equipment only available in the gym. To do the cable crunch really you first have to sit on your knees Pressure raise on your upper abs will help you to group by dragging and dropping from the waist down.

In this we can increase or decrease the weight of the buffalo as per our convenience which allows us to lift the weight according to our throw.

Decline Crunch

decline crunch

There is a long table available in your gym. You can work in many types of exercises. Decline revolution is to lower that table slightly from the head area and start hitting the abs, which helps to put maximum pressure on your upper abs.



Plank is an old and very effective type and is used for weight loss or fat loss.

Plank puts pressure on your abdomen, thighs and chest. It helps to reduce fat. It is a simple but difficult type of exercise.

The position of hitting dips is exactly the same as the position of hitting black, only when you want to take your body weight on your legs and four arms.

Lower Abs Workout

Lower Abs is the lowest part of the abs. Lower abs are more difficult to visualise than upper abs.

Hanging Leg Raise

hanging leg raise

Introducing Hanging Leg Rise affects not only your abs but the whole body.
To extend the hanging leg, first hang with both hands and then try to bend your knees up and up so that your lower abs body grows.

knee Raises

knee raise

The knee raise is similar to the hanging leg raise in that you only want to put your body weight on your forearm and try to lift the knees just like you do in the hanging leg raise.

Perform this exercise also increases your forearm strength.

Dragon Flag

Knee raise

Dragon flag is a type of exercise that shows very fast results. To perform this exercise, first lie down on a incline bench with your hands behind your head and try to lift all the parts below the waist without lifting the upper body.

Bottom Line

A good body is our real asset and it is our duty to take care of it. Money is today but not tomorrow but your body is the only thing that will support you till the end so take care of your body and exercise every day.