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What Is Pedicure And Manicure in 2020 ?

In this article we will look at what are pedicure and manicure. Also we will see how manicure and pedicure can be done effectively in a very simple way at  home.
pedicure and manicure

What is Pedicure ?

In Simple terms a pedicure is a complete cleaning of the feet. In this we want to clean our feet using  different types of products. Women seem to place more importance on pedicure. Not only women do this but some mens are also seen doing pedicure. It even cleans the nails and pays attention to how your feet will be soft and fair. This is also done in beuty parlor and gents salon. Pedicure treatments are so expensive that we often can't affort then a easy and straightforward solution to do this is to do a pedicure at home. 

What is Manicure ?

Manicure means hand hygiene . this involves cleaning the bottom of the hands and nails. you can also get this treatment in a parlor and salon. but it is not affordable to the common man. this treatment can be done at home in a very simple and natural ways hand hygiene is very important.

Sometimes dirt builds up in our nails. our attention does not go to it and it enters our body while eating and invites various of disease.

How To Do Pedicure At Home ?

We can do pedicure at home in a very simple to and at low cost. You don't even need a lot of content for this. There were  even better pedicure than the once available at home. Here we will see how to do the pedicure step-by-step.

Step 1

Before doing a pedicure, first you need to cut your nails properly. by which the dirt in the nails will go away easily. Also remove the nails paint on the nails. for this we can use nail paint remover.

Step 2

Now Take a tub that will easily fit your feet and the height of your knees so that you can pedicure your feet as much as possible.

Step 3

Now Add water till the tub is half full. when pouring water, keep in the mind that the water should be warm. not too hot and not too cold. Add two to four  teaspoon of your favorite shampoo and mix the water will once the shampoo is well dissolved in water, put your feet in it and rest. your feet need to be in the water for at least half an hour.

Step 4

In Between you can also clean your feet with scrub.

Step 5

Once that feet are out of the water, dry them well first. then rub your feet with curd for at least ten minutes. Which will keep your skin beautiful. when this happen wash you feet properly.

This is how your pedicure done.

How To Do Manicure At Home ?

Manicure means hand cleaning. the method of manicure and pedicure is the same. the only different is the organs. You can also do a manicure at home in a very  simple way by using the above steps.

Doing Pedicure and Manicure at home save a lot of money. Effectives leaves cleans hands and nails. It also keeps your skin hydrated and enhance beauty. pedicure treatment remove dead cells and glow our skin.


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