The topic we are going to look is very important. This topic become even more important considering the surrounding environment. That subject is the immune system. The higher the immune system the greater the benefits to our body.

If we go to see today, peoples are getting various diseases. Many are dying. there are many reasons for this. one of the reasons may be that they have a weak immune system.

In this article, we will look at the answers to many questions such as what what is immune system?, how to increase immunity ?, what to eat and drink to boost it ? and what are the strong immunity benefits.
how to increase immunity?

What is immunity ?

The body needs immunity to fight the bad cells in the body. the immunity system is what works 24 hours a day to keep the body healthy. Immunity is considered important for how to keep the body fit. Immunity depends on the health of peoples and the habits of their daily life. like eating habit, exercise habit etc.

Functions Of Immunity System

The immunity system works to protect the body from bad things. I meal the disease, virus and more. Also a person will be sick or any if the virus is infected, it works to replenish the body in the shortest possible time.

For example, Many peoples at home use mortin to protect themselves from mosquitoes. the immune system works in the some way that mortin repels mosquitoes and kills them if they enter the house. Keeps you away from diseases and gets rid of your body as soon as possible even if you get sick. This is how the system works.

Immunity Booster Drinks

Protein Shake

The main purpose of drinking protein shake is to send as much protein as possible to your body. today we see that here are many types available in the market. Some of them are good and some are harmful to the body. If you want to have a good one, ther are only two options. the first option is to spend more money and the second option is to make at home.

yes. You can also make protein shake at home. pretty much in abundance.

The Ingredients in it are good for the body so it benefits our body to a great extent. home made protein shake recipe it is said that the more protein you gte into your body. the better your body wil grow without any problems and your immunity system will also improve.

As it turns out, protein has many benefits for our body such as stopping hair loss, proper muscle growth and proper maintenance, reducing joint pain and so on. Therefore, protein rich foods should bet eaten.

Warm Turmeric Almond Milk

Milk has long been considered a nutritious drink. it has also been used in the diet for many years. New born are breastfed until the age of five because milk promots good growth and enables the body to cope with challenges.

This drinks contain all the nutrients our body needs. Milk also relieves many ailments of our body like hoint pain, laziness and more. Many foods are also made from this like cheese, curd etc.

Orange Juice 

Orange is a fruit that changes your mood by eating or drinking it. It is good and refreshing. orange juice is a great way to boost immunity. We can use ornage juice for weight loss or for a good diet. Drinking it keep your cholesterol under control. as it is a cirus food, it somewhat reduce the risk of cancer, this gives the body some vitamins and minerals. Also, it tastes good, so there is no reason eat to drink it.

Nutrition Per 100 Gm

      0.2 gm 
         1 mg 
       10 mg 
       0.2 gm 
       0.7 gm 

Tomato Juice

Tomato is our familiar vegetables. Some peoples like this vegetables while some people dislike it. Eating or drinking it's juice in the some way increases your resistance to diseases and protect your body from many diseases. If you are tired of eating it, the process of juicing it is also simple and easy. Just slice the tomatoes and add a little water to the mixer and add the slices and juice, it you still want taste it, add sugar or salt. You will definitely like this.

Nutrition Per 100 Gm

            0.2 gm 
               0 mg 
               5 mg 
            3.9 gm 
             0.9 gm 

Black Coffee

Black Coffee is a drink that has many benefits and costs nothing. It contain a ingredient called caffeine which gives benefits to our body. it makes your body disease free but at the same time boosts your immunity to protect you from cancer. It is considered a great drinks fro weight loss. You can drink without milk without sugar. 

Immunity Boosting Foods 

Citrus Food

It is said that citrus food are used to boost the immune system. Lemon, grape fruit, lime, orange these are some citrus food. citrus food are foods that are high in vitamin c because vitamin c build up white blood cells in our body and helps white cells fight off bad cells and thus boost our immunity system. so you need to eat foods that contain vitamin c.


Yogurt is considered part of the healthy diet. it also tastes great. Yogurt is not only good for taste but also contain more protein and vitamins. It is alo source of lactobacillus, a probiotic that helps fight off the body things in your body and also gives your immune system boost.

Yogurt madd from milk and it has been made any eaten for many years. It considered to be good for the body, your should also eat yogurt at least onec a day.  

Nutrition Per 100 Gm

       0.4 gm 
        36 mg 
         10 mg 


You may have heard that eating fruits every day does not require a doctor. this is true. this is because fruits contain certain vitamin that keep the body healthy.

You need to make a good habit of eating diseased fruits so that you will not get healthy after eating fruits for a day or week.

There are no single fruit in the world that can boost your immune system.

It is said that the disease start from the stomach but if you eat fruits everyday. the health of your stomach stay good and healthy.


Almonds are called super food. Eating almonds enhance our memory and stimulates our intellect. Almonds help keep your body fit and protect your skin from infection. this increases our resistance to disease.

Nutrition Per 100 Gm

          100 gm 
      21.15 gm 
     49.93 gm 
     21.55 gm 

Immunity System Boosting Tips

Avoid Smoking.
Do exercise at least 25 a day.
Follow healthy diet.
Drink termeric warm milk before bed.
Don't eat junk food and street food.
Eat fruits every day.
Don't take any bad addiction.
Increase intake of protein and fiber in your diet.
Drink one cup of green tea or black coffee or black lemon tea every day it give some health benefits.
Improve your digestion by eating vegetables.
Detox your body by drinking more water.

Eat healthy Stay healthy.