How to do yoga at home? this is a question, that many peoples ask. There are only two reasons for this love yoga and obesity about yoga together. 

"Yoga is India's greatest gift to the world." Yoga was invented thousands of years ago. There are many names for yogasana which are given in Hindi and Marathi i.e. the ancient language of India.

In this article, we will look at what is yoga?, the history of yoga, how to do yoga for beginners at home? , and the health benefits of yoga. 

What is The Yoga?

Yoga is a part of the exercise that is done to increase the working capacity of the body and mind and keep it healthy.

Just as there are different types of exercises, there are different asanas for yoga. Yoga is used as a medicine for physical ailments. A Asanas are also called yogasana.

According to yoga, the various position in which the body is placed for the process of purification is called "yogasana".

Bhujangasana, salabhasana, dhanurasana, navasana, uttanasana, sarvangasana, matsyasana, halasana, pavanmuktasana, shavasana, padmasana, akaran dhanurasana, vakrasana, vajrasana, vriksasana, vajrasana, virasana, sirshasana these are the different types of yogasana.

Bhujangasana ( Cobra Pose )

How To Do Yoga For Beginner At Home ?

In india snake is called bhujang. Hence this yogasana is called bhujangasana. In this we have to assume the position of the snake.

To perform this yogasana, first sleep on the ground towards the abdomen, place your hands the ground, lift your neck and take it toward the back.

Bhujangasana not only relieves back pain but also has the benefits of reducing abdominal fat and improving digestion. the important point is that the posture of our back is improved.

Salabhasana ( Grassopper Pose )

How To Do Yoga For Beginner At Home ?

shalabhasana is form of sleeping yoga. shalabhasana is a form of contribution similar to bhujangasana. To perform shalabhasana, first sleep on the ground toward the abdomen, then keep your body stiff and move your arms forward or backward and try to lift your upper body and lower body. In this you have to carry the weight of your body on your stomach. In this, the pressure in on your back, abdominal muscles and thigh muscle.

This will improve the posture of back, reduce the fat hanging in the thighs. Make the abdominal muscles look better and improve the working capacity of the muscles.

Dhanurasana ( Bow Pose )

How To Do Yoga For Beginner At Home ?

If we devide the word dhanurasana  into two parts, we get two word, dhanur and asana. In india dow is called dhanur in the cultural language.

In this asana you want to shape your body like a bow.

To perform this, first sleep on your stomach and then try to hold both your legs with your hands.

Dhanurasana increases the elasticity of our body. The abdomen, legs, arms and back are stressed and the working capacity of these organs is increased.

Dhanurasana improves the working capacity of the stomach and is considered to be one of the best and traditional remedies for reducing belly fat.

Naukasana ( Boat Pose )

How To Do Yoga For Beginner At Home ?

The nauka is called a boat in india. Naukasana is a type of yoga in which your body has to be shaped like boat.

Sit on the ground first to present the naukasana. then spread your legs towards the front. Keep the legs stiff and lift then up with both hands without bending the legs.

Remember that your back should be stiff while doing this.

This will reduce your back pain and also strengthen your thighs. At the same time it will help to reduce the fat on the buttocks. this is likely increase the efficiency of the lower body.

Uttanasana ( Standing Forward Bend )

How To Do Yoga For Beginner At Home ?

In order to perform this asana, first of all make your body very relaxed, breath slowly and keep both legs straight and stand facing each other. Now try to move the arms downwards without breaking the legs. Be careful not strain your thigh as much as possible. 

This puts pressure on your small intestine and make your digestive system stranger.

There are benefits such as less pain in the spine less fat around the abdomen.

Sarvangasana ( Shoulder Stand )

How To Do Yoga For Beginner At Home ?

Sarvang means the whole body and sarvangasana is a whole body exercise or an exercise in which the whole body participate.

First sleep on the ground on your back. then keep the arms and legs straight downwards. Slowly move the legs upwards to 90 Degrees then try to hold your hands on your waist. When doing this, make sure the body weight falls on your shoulders, as a slight accident increases the chances of injury. So act carefully. It help to improved blood circulation, boost skin health, make flexible body, reduce hair fall.

Halasana ( Plough Pose )

How To Do Yoga For Beginner At Home ?

In halasan we want to turn our body into a ninety degree triangle.

For this you have to sleep on your back first then keep your arms and legs stiff and try to bring your lower leg to the top of the head. This will have a good effects on your body.

While doing this you will feel energy throughout  your body and blood flow will also be improve.

Pavanmuktasana ( Wind-Relieving Pose )

How To Do Yoga For Beginner At Home ?

In this we have to be in a state tht does not all air to pass through our body. First lie on the ground then keep your body stiff and then bend your knees towards your abdomen and hold both your knees tightly with your both hands.

This asana help in relieving heaviness in the stomach and constipation. Regularization of pawanmuktasana strengthens the spine and makes it flexible.

By its practice, the circulation remains fine. Pawanmuktasana also proves to be very effective in reducing  abdominal fat.

Shavasana ( Corpse Pose )

How To Do Yoga For Beginner At Home ?

In all yogasana, shavasana is a very simple form in which you want to relax your body and lie down on the ground with your eyes closed in peace. You want to calm your mind by breathing slowly in out. Remains and the main thing is that this is my favorite type of yoga, most of you will like it now.

Shavasana help to relax the body, lower blood pressure, calm the brain reduce the stress.

Padmasana ( Lotus Pose )

How To Do Yoga For Beginner At Home ?

Padmasana is a type of yoga that has been practiced by sages since time immemorial. It involves folding the thighs in a slightly different way and sitting quietly and meditating.

To perform padmasana, first sit down, then fold your legs. when folding your legs keep in the mind that the bottom of the legs should come upwards then place both your hands on your knees and inhale and exhale. inhale and exhale and focus on the air you breath.

Daily padmasana relieves back pain and help in improve posture and good blood flow.

Vrikshasana ( Tree Pose )

How To Do Yoga For Beginner At Home ?

In indian language, vriksha is a tree and vrikshasana is a condition in which we have to make our body look like a tree.

To perform vrikshasana, first stand up then place both your hands in the direction of the rain and place one of your feet above your knee. Vrikshasana strengthen our balance.

Vajrasana ( Diamond Pose )

How To Do Yoga For Beginner At Home ?

Vajrasana is a form of yoga as well as a proper way of sitting.

Vajrasana is nothing more than the traditional chinese way of sitting.

Vajrasana is a simple and straight forward form of yoga.

In this you have to sit with your feet facing backwards.

Sirshasana ( Headstand )

How To Do Yoga For Beginner At Home ?

In Shirshasana we have to stand up side down with the help of our head. we can also use our hands to do this.

One thing we should definitely take care of while doing head stand is that your balance should be in order when you standing on your head even a slight mistake increases the chances of hurting your neck.

History Of Yoga

The History of yoga is considered to be very old. Yogasana has history of 1000-1500 years ago. It is believed that yoga has been practiced ever since civilization began.

Yoga was born long before the earliest religion or beliefs were born. Yoga was born in india. that is why name of yogasana are found in india language i.e. hindi and marathi.

It is believed that yogasana emerged in hinduism due to mahadev. After lord shankar, yoga is considered to begin with vedic sage. This is how yoga spread and today it has reached households all over the world.

As sages used to do yoga in the past, their life is believed to be longer than of normal person. Even today it is believed that yoga prolongs one's life.

As an object gets older, its important of yoga is increasing day by day. Why not increase the importance of yoga, people who are moving today, man is worried, his body is worried, his body is neglecting wealth, yoga is playing an invaluable role in our lives.

Really, yoga is india's gretest gift to the world.

How To Start Yoga At Home ?

How to start yoga at home ? This question comes to the mind of many peoples but they do not get the answer. Because they don't know what yoga is ?, Where to start ?, What the ingredients are ? And so on. It is natural to ask these questions.

We remember yoga when we were obese and some physical ailments. Yoga is not difficult and anyone can start it.

Just like you need material to do gym, you don't need any material while doing yoga. In yoga, your body and mind are your material. The two things you need to do in yoga are in place of peace and concentration. 

Let see how new person can start the journey of yoga and from which asana.

Yoga For Beginner

There are some asana in yoga that are very easy to perform and relate to your daily life. These yoga's are great for new person.

But, before you start any exercise or yoga you need to do stretching. Stretching gives the body advance information and also reduce the chances of injury to the body.

It is very convenient to learn that work before starting any work and at any gives time, it should be a journey in advance.

This increases the likehood that any work will be done without hassle. Something similar happens in yoga.

Bhujangasana (snake pose), vajrasana (diamond pose), shavasana (corpse pose), pawanmuktasana (wind-relieving pose), uttasana (standing forward bend), Naukasana (boat pose), shalabhasana (locust pose) these are just some of the asana that can be better for beginners.

Health Benefits Of Yoga

  • Well, blood circulation.
  • Energy is generated in the body.
  • Increase immunity.
  • Excess body fat is reduced.
  • The mind remains fresh.
  • Improve Digestion.
  • The Body becomes flexible.
  • Improve Mental Health.
  • Increase the working capacity of muscles.
  • Reduce joint pain.
  • Physical ailments like hair loss.
  • Regular yoga is said to prolong life.
  • Maintain Metabolism.
  • Reduce Stress.
  • Improve Sexual Functions.
This is short but sweet information about yoga. "Do yoga and stay Healthy ".