In this article we will see what is lungs?, Where is located lungs ?, Some function of the lungs, one labelled diagram of the lung and how to clean your lungs fast and natural ?.

What is Lungs?

When we breath in the air that we take in through the nose. The internal organs through which we breath are called lungs. We have two lungs in our body.

The Left lung have a hollow space. The right lungs is slightly larger than left lung. Both of these senses are important. They are in cage of bones. So they are safe.

The inhaled air is a tube like organ that carries are to the lungs it is called a trachea 

The lungs are the main organ in the body of the breathing animal.

Diagram Of The Lungs

how to clean your lungs

Where is Your Lungs Located ?

The lungs are the largest internal organs. This organ is safe because it is in a bone cage. This organ is located near the heart. Lungs is spread from the heart to the lower part of the body.

Function Of The Lungs

The function of the lungs is to expel carbon dioxide from the blood and to take in oxygen and thus purify the blood.

The lungs also participate in the body's defense system through secretary cells, mucus secretion, macrophages etc. 

In addition, the lungs play a role in maintaining the body's chemical Organization through the release of a limited amount of valor, the accumulation of carbon dioxide.

How To Clean Your Lungs ?


The best solution to clean lungs it to get a sense. By pulling the steam in through breath. The wind pipe opens and at the same time it helps the lungs to pull out the spectum. As the flow of air decrease in winter, pollution also increases. 

Smoke and fog freeze near the ground, causing smog and increasing pollution levels. Therefore it can prove beneficial for lungs.

Green Tea

You must know all the benefits related to green tea. Green tea is also very beneficial for cleaning lungs. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and also works to reduce inflammation in the lungs. Also many lungs from smoke damage.