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Nutrition Fact And Health Benefits Of Milk | Milk Information

nutrition fact and health benefits of milk

Milk is our traditional drink. we have been using this drink in our daily lives for many years and we also know the importance of this drink.

Even today, milk is as important in a nutritious diet as it was in the past.

Two to three glass of milk can give you as much nutrition as one meal at a time.

Milk is considered to be an excellent drink for proper growth of human body. that is why a new born baby is breastfed for three years.

Milk contain many nutrients which are very beneficial to the body.

Many foods are made from milk like lassi, cheese, chocolate etc.

In this article we will learn more about the health benefits of milk, dairy products, types of milk, nutrition Of milk and more.

Nutrition of Milk

Milk is a nutritious drink. This is because milk contain many vitamins and minerals that are very beneficial to the body.

Vitamin B12, calcium, riboflavin and phosphorus are found in milk and are beneficial for the body. milk contain 88% of water in their nutrition.

Vitamin B-12

It is also called cobalamin. It is a water soluble vitamin. Vitamin B12 need for nerve tissue health, production of red blood cells in the body and Brain function. Meat is a good source of vitamin B 12.


Calcium is very important and beneficial for our bones. If we have enough calcium in our body, we will not feel any pain like joint pain or brittle bones. Milk is good source of calcium. calcium promotes good body and bones growth.


Riboflavin means vitamin B. it is involved in many function in our body. our body needs enough riboflavin to grow cells properly. Riboflavin is found in foods such as milk, eggs, meat and vegetables.


Phosphorus is found in two types of color. The first is white and the second is red phosphorus. it is the second most plentiful mineral in our body. Milk is a good source of phosphorus. it is important for formation of teeth and bones.

Nutrition Of Milk

        1 Gm     
        5 Gm
       44 mg
       50 mg
        5 Gm
        5 Gm
     3.4 Gm

Types Of Milk

There are many types of milk available here. Which are drinkable and also nutritious. here we will briefly look at some similar milk types. here we will look at some of the types of milk that are use in our daily lives.

Animal Milk

Animal milk production is derived from animals like cow's, buffaloes and goats, hence it is called animal milk.

Cow's , buffaloes and goats are pets animals. farmer have been rearing these animal for many years. The milk production from these animal is high and the market price of milk is also high.

The cost of feeding these animals is also low. this milk available tothe farmer without any process and from the farmer to the consumer so nutritional value of this milk is high.

Milk is taken from different animals so it's nutrition is different.

Nutrition Of Cow Milk

 Calories            42.          
 Fat          1 Gm
Carbohydrates                5 Gm
 Protein          3.4 Gm
 Fiber             0
 Sodium          44 Mg
 Cobalamin            8%
 Calcium            12%
Cholesterol           5 Mg
 Magnesium             2%

Nutrition Baffalo Milk

 Calories           237.  
 Water         83%.     
 Carbohydrates             12 Gm
 Protein        9 Gm

Nutrition Of Goat Milk

 Calories                 176
 Protein           8.1 Gm
 Carbohydrates.                11.2 Gm.      
 Fat         11.0 Gm
 Fiber                   0
 Sugar            4.5 Gm
 Vitamin A                3%
 Calcium               13%
 Vitamin D                12%
 Cobalamin                1%
 Magnesium                3%
 Vitamin c               2%

Fat Free Milk

Fat free milk is made by processing. All the fat in the milk is removed by processing. Fat free milk means zero fat content. This milk is mainly use by peoples who are body builders and  those who wants to lose weight.

Nutrition Of Fat Free Milk

 Calories         94
 Protein      8.3 Gm.    
 Carbohydrates.         13.6 Gm
 Fat           0
 Fiber           0

Peanut Milk

Peanuts are similar to the almonds. Because the tast and color of peanuts is similar to almond. The only difference between almonds and peanuts is size and shape.

Peanuts are also used to produce oil which we can use in our daily lives.

Most peoples are not aware that ms is also produce from peanut. Peanut is high in protein . Peanut milk contain good amount of potassium, sodium and calcium in their nutrition.

Nutrition Of peanut Milk

 Calories          243
 Protein        11 Gm
 Carbohydrates.            6.9 Gm
 Fat      20.9 Gm.    
 Fiber       3.6 Gm

Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk is produced from fresh coconuts. Milk can be extracted from fresh coconut by squeezing it and squeezing it's pulp. 

It is high in fat and this milk tastes sweet. coconut milk contain fat, sodium, potassium, sugar, vitamins, iron magnesium and calcium.

coconut milk can be made at home in the traditional ways and it is easily available in the market.

Nutrition Of Coconut Milk

 Calories          230
 Fat        24 Gm
 Sodium        15 Mg
 Potassium       263 Mg.    
 Carbohydrates.             6 Gm
 Sugar        3.3 Gm
 Fiber        2.2 Gm
 Calcium          1%
 Vitamin c          4%
 Iron         8%

Flavoured Milk

Ther are many foods companies in the market today that try to make change the taste of the food to make it more tasty. that is why ther are different flavor of milk available in the market today.

For example chocolate milk, strawbery milk, mixed flavor milk etc.

Adding flavor does not change the nutritional values of milk and does not cause any significant changes. the only difference is the taste.

Almond Milk

According to the world health organisation, almonds are a nutritious food that helps boost your immune system.

Almond mik is made of ground almonds and water. Almond milk is naturally daily free. the amount of nutrition in almonds is found in almond milk. Because it uses a certain amount of water. some companies add flavor to the milk to enhance it's taste.

Nutrition Of Almond Milk

 Calories         35
 Protein      1 Gm
 Carbohydrates.          1 Gm.    
 Fat      3 Gm
 Fiber      4 Gm
 Potassium      4%
 Vitamin D      18%
 Calcium      24%

Dairy Products OR Milk Products

Milk is a beverage that is used to make many foods. such as curd, butter, lassi, ghee, cheese and chocolate. 

Milk contain the same nutrients that are found in their dairy products. These foods taste good and are beneficial to the body. these substance cool the body so it is used more in summer.

It contain some nutrients that are pleasing to the mind and help the body to grow properly. Moreover since milk is cheap in price, the products made from it are not expensive in price, so there are foods that are affordable to the common man that we use in our daily live.


Curd has been used in food since many years. the taste of curd is sour and sweet. many peoples use curd to lose weight. 

curd considered to be one of the best food for diet. Everyone's way of eating curd is different. Some peoples eat curd in the same way, while others eat it mixed with sugar.

We can also make curd at home. It's very easy to make . also if you get bored of making curd you can buy from market. this substance easily available in the market.

Eating yogurt after a meal help to digest the food faster and more efficient. In addition to digesting food curd is believed to boost immune system. curd is good in nutrition.

Nutrition Of Curd

 Calories          90
 Protein      4.7 Gm
 Carbohydrates.          4.5 Gm.     
 Fat       6 Gm
 Fiber           0
 Water         88%


Lassi is a drink made from yogurt and milk. this drink is very popular in india. lassi is consumed in almost all part of india. This drink is mostly consumed in summer as it gives coolness to the body.

Lassi is sweet to the taste. We can easily make it at home.  To make lassi, use half a glass of milk, a cup of curd sugar. combining all this, it it is stirred and cooled, it becomes a delicious lassi. just as think drink is high in taste, it is also high in nutrition.

Nutrition Of Lassi

 Calories          198
 Protein         6.4G 
 Carbohydrates.         25.3 Gm.    
 Fat       8.3 Gm
 Fiber       0.1 Gm


Cheese is a very popular food now days. Ther is no one person who know and like cheese.

Cheese is available in white color. cheese is used to enhance the taste of foods like pizza, burger, sandwiches etc. We  need to make at home is is milk and lemon. Squeeze the lemon in the boiling pot of milk put cloth and remove the water from it. store it for 3-4 hour. your cheese will ready. cheese is high in fat. therefore peoples consume a lot of cheese are obese.

Nutrition Of Cheese

 Calories         63
 Protein      4.3 Gm
 Carbohydrates.          1.1 Gm.     
 Fat       4.5 Gm
 Fiber           0


Chocolateis a food that is loved by every one from children to the elderly. Ther are many  variety of chocolate available in the market these days. From chocolate we can make many foods like choclate milk shake, choclate cake, cookies etc. 

Although chocolate  is make from mik it is very low in nutrition and high in fat.

Health Benefits Of Milk

Milk is a nutritious drink. Milk contain many vitamins and minerals.  Milk contain nutrients so the body needs vitamins and minerals.

Drinking milk every day help body to grow better.

Milk contain calcium. drinking milk help in reducing the in the joint and help to make strong bones.

Milk is high protein drink so milk is great way to increase muscle size and strengthen them.

Milk is also good and natural weight gainer which is help to gain weight organically.

It help to boost immunity system, improve our digestion process, boost mental health and increase our working capacity.

So this is brief introduction about milk. Drink healthy stay healthy.


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