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What is pollution ? | Life Threatening

what is pollution
We all know that this is the age of technology and development. New factories are being set up. Each country is trying it's best to develop it. Human does not realize that human is developing by harming the environment. He is building factories there, killing animal and making things out of their skins and the smoke coming out of the factories is killing the birds. Human is certainly making progress but he is running the environment and his own future.

In this article we will learn about pollution, what is pollution, what are it's types, what can we take care of, how pollution Is endangering our lives and what we should do to prevent pollution etc.

what is pollution ?

At present and to put it bluntly, pollution means spoiling something and making that thing unless like air, river, lack, etc. 

The way human being are destroying the environment in the name of development. there are three types of pollution in total.

Types of Pollution

Air Pollution

As the name implies air pollution. as new factories are being built. the amount of smoke coming out them is increase.

Today every one has own vehicle. the carbon dioxide emitted from that vehicle is also major causes of air pollution. 

This reduce the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere.

Tree release oxygen an breaths in the air and also reduce pollution. but human have cut down trees and destroyed forests making it difficult to control pollution.

Water Pollution

Water pollution is the contamination of water source like rivers and lack. 

Sewage from factories water containing chemicals, washing clothes in rivers, bathing, water pollution is spread due to dumping of garbage in river .

Noise pollution

Noise pollution is the disturbance of the atmosphere and the production of disturbing sound. Noise pollution is caused by the sound of machines coming from the factory  and vehicle horn etc.

Land pollution

Due to the increase in deforestation, soil erosion has become more prevalent as the roots of the trees hold the soil tight but this has not happened which has led to increased soil erosion and increased soil pollution.

Deforestation is one of the major causes of land pollution.

Causes of Pollution

1.Excessive use of vehicle.
2.Fuel Consumption.
3.The sound of vehicle horm.
4. factory fumes, noise and chemicals that released into the environment.
6.The use of plastic.

Side Effects of Pollution

We all know about pollution and also know how serious. It effects are on our Health and also on planet. Here we are going to look at two types of effects in a very detailed way, the effects of pollution on our health and effects on the earth.

Side Effects Of Pollution On Humen Health

As we all know people used to live in the world for 100 years and more but now that is became around 60 years. one reason for this is pollution. here we will look at the effects of such pollution on our health.

Life is short

As you know in the past peoples lives were much longer. our grand parents have lived and are living for more than 100 years but if that is the case now, the life span of peoples has reached 60-80 years. if pollution continues to rise, then this figure will drop further in the next few years.

Difficulty Breathing 

This is due to the increase in the number of asthma patients and vehicle smoke. the amount of smoke that cigarettes do not get into the lungs is caused by standing on the side of the vehicle. therefore the use of private vehicles should be minimized as much as possible then we can control air pollution.

Falling ill

Increasing pollution has weakened the body of the people as there is no clean environment so the immunity of the people as there is no clean environment so the immunity of the people has been reduced and people have started falling prey to disease.

Hearing problem

Car horns, loud machine noises can affect the ears of children and the elderly and make it difficult for them to hear.

Skin problem

Whenever you go out of the house for any work. the smoke from the cars and the micro-organisms stick to your skin and you git skin diseases and problems.

Side effects of pollution on earth

what is pollution


Less of trees

The number of trees is declining day by day and this is not a good thing. human is creating his own existence by destroying the habit of trees. if the deforestation does not stop, the earth will lose it greenery. the earth will be desolate.

Condensation of water sources

Rivers, lakes and seas are polluted, endangering aquatic life. a few years ago million of fish lost their lives due to water pollution and their dead bodies floated on the water. this will change the cycle of earth.

Soil erosion

The roots of the trees holds the soil tight but if the trees continue to erode the soil. the soil level will continue to decrease and rising water levels are likely to cause the world to sink.

Depletion of ozone layer

Around our earth is a layer of ozone that protect us from the sun's constituent rays but the amount of pollution has increased so much that the ozone layer is depleting. once ozone is destroyed. No living things on earth will be able to escape the sun's rays.

Disruption of the Earth's cycle

Every living things and went on earth is based on each other. just as the monsoon is based on summer , the tiger is based on deer and deer based on grass. many such things are based on each other.

None of this is going the endanger the earth's cycle and the reason the cycle is threatened animals to make objects out of their skins, reducing the number of animal.

How to reduce pollution ?

Increasing the number of trees will reduce many types of pollution. plant as much as you can as solid erosion decreases ozone layer is retained and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is reduced.

In lakes, rivers should not be littered. this will not only reduce pollution but also improve water life.

Reducing the use of personal vehicles by people will also reduce pollution drastically so avoid using personal vehicles such as personal cars and motorbikes etc.

Plastic is not a decomposable shill. it stays on the ground for years so the waste on the ground grows. therefore the use of plastic should be avoid. 

Avoid making loud noise.

Pollution has endangered Humen life. So we should try to reduce pollution. The best way to reduce pollution is plant trees and keep them alive 🌲.


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