What is nutritious
Nutrition means perfect and nutritious diet to keep the body fit and healthy. Nutrition involves many things. like vitamins, protein, minerals, carbohydrate etc. This requires us to eat food that are nutritious and that meed our body need's. There are two types of nutrition in total. the first is good or healthy nutrition and second is bad or unhealthy nutrition. 

Good nutrition is what keeps your body healthy and boosts it's immune process. good nutrition helps our body meet it's daily need of carbs, protein, vitamin, iron, fat and calories.

In a nutritious diet we include milk, eggs, leafy vegetables, green vegetables, cereals, meat etc. 
scientists have proven that the human body works properly by eating these foods.

So Eat as much nutritious food as possible.

Bad nutrition is just the opposite of good nutrition. it is also called malnutrition. This means that what we eat does not meet certain needs in our body.

some peoples suffer from malnutrition. a good example of this is junk food.

Example, pizza, burger, french fries, Pepsi etc.

These food not only taste good but do not contain nutrients.knowing this peoples are attracted to junk food. 

Keep as much distance from junk food as possible and start eating our traditional foods like leafy vegetables, cereals. no disease in you body can last long. 

Research has shown that a person who eats a lot of junk food has a shorter lifespan than a person who eats fruits, vegetables and cereals and this has been proven.

This is the difference between good nutrition or bad nutrition.

What is Carbohydrates ?

Carbohydrates are very important source of energy with body. The energy produce from the food we eat is delivered to our body and the same energy causes our body to move. ex. walking, talking, running, jumping etc.

The main purpose of the human body is to eat food to get energy. this is a small piece of information about carbohydrate nut every body needs carbohydrate differently.

This requirement is determined by the age, weight and height of person. Click Here and calculate your daily need of carbohydrate by using carbohydrate calculator. 

If we eat more carbohydrates then our body needs, we can also become obese. 

suppose our body needs 100 gram of carbohydrate and if we eat more than our needs i.e. 150 carbohydrate  then our body will only consume 100 carbohydrate  and then remaining 50 carbohydrates will be stored in our body as fat and thus we will become obese. so eat as much your need.

Healthy Carbs Vegetables


Capsicum are available in three colors which is red, green and yellow. capsicum is very good food for the body. capsicum is a nutritious vegetable. It contain lot's of minerals vitamin and healthy carbohydrates. per 100 gram of capsicum can contain 9 gram of healthy carbohydrates. It is also called bell papers. it is a good source of vitamins. capsicum contain large amount of vitamins and minerals. 


Broccoli is an star food with many health benefits. broccoli low in calories and rich in essential vitamin, minerals and fiber. It is a god source of vitamin c. per 91 gram broccoli can contain 5 gram of health carbs.


Spinach is a super food. it is loaded with tons of nutrients in a low calories package. It is a rich in health benefits. spinach is a leafy vegetable. per 100 gram of spinach contain 3.6 gram of healthy carbs. spinach  contain important plant compound.


Cauliflower is a coniferous vegetable. cauliflower is high in fiber and vitamin B. Cauliflower lead weight loss and good digestion. cauliflower is good source of antioxidant . 1 cup of cauliflower can contain 7-10 gram of health carbohydrate.


Cucumber is a super food. It contain 70% of water. it is rich in nutrients. it promote to hydration, weight loss and lower blood sugar. It is great in test and easy to add your diet.

What is Protein ?

Protein is one of the essential nutrient for maintaining good muscle mass in the body. protein is essential for the proper growth of our body. protein is not found in certain foods. like junk foods. they are found in large number in non-vegetarian foods like seafood, chicken, meat etc. 

The more protein you eat better for your body. some peoples are deficient in protein which can lead to hair loss, joint pain etc.

If you want to know your daily need of protein then click here and know what is your daily need of protein.

High Protein foods


There are fewer vegetarian in the world than non-vegetarian. chicken is a very popular food. the method of eating and cooking chicken is different in each country. chicken has large amount of protein. per 100 gram of chicken can contain 27 gram of protein.


Per 100 gram of fish can contain 20 gram of protein. Fish contain large amount of vitamins and minerals. it is high in protein. fish is a medicinal food. fish avoid heart disease, boost brain health, protect eye health and build muscle health.


Soybeans are high in protein and decent source of both carbs and fat. per 100 gram of soybeans can contain 16.6 gram of protein. It also contain folate, copper, joint pain, thyroid etc


Curd is also considered as traditional food. curd is made from milk. some of the properties of milk are lost in curd. curd is high in protein. per 100 gram of curd contain 11 gram of protein.


We all know how milk beneficial for health. it contain large amount of beneficial properties for our body. it help to relive joint pain, well grow body and improve digestion process. half glass of milk can contain 5.4 gm of protein. we all should drink milk daily.

What is fiber ?

Fiber is somewhat similar to carbohydrate. eating fiber has a lot of benefits for the body. Fiber is needed to boost the body's immune system, help to digest food and maintain physical fitness.

Doctor also prescribe fiber cannabis salts from children to the elderly as it increase the body's resistance to disease. you may help improve health condition such as diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, colon cancer, by increasing fiber in diet.

high fiber foods


Strawberries contain 91% of water in their property. per 100 gram of strawberries contain 2 gram of fiber. it also contain vitamin c, manganese, folate and potassium. strawberry is good for health and also great in test. it look like red diamond.


Apple are a good source of fiber and vitamin c. it contain Polyphemus. apple available in two colors . first is red and another is green. 100 gram of apple contain 2.4 gram of fiber. it contain very less amount of fat which is beneficial for health. apple contain iron which is help to boost our immune system.


Carrot is orange and red in color. it is crunchy, tasty and highly nutrients. carrot is good source of fiber, vitamin and potassium. 100 gram of carrot contain 2.8 gram of fiber. it contain very less amount of fat.


Wheat is a traditional food. wheat has been grown in the fields for many years and is eaten with relish. it is said that eating wheat gives strength to the body. it is a good source of iron, calcium, vitamins. 100 gram of wheat contain 10 gram of fiber. it contain very less amount of sugar.

What is Vitamin and Minerals ?

Vitamins for Vital for life. vitamins and minerals are very important for the internal process of the body.

vitamins and minerals get proper growth, skin stays healthy, bones are maintained, muscle stays healthy etc.

There are different types of vitamins and their functions are different.

Minerals :-  Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Fluoride, Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc

now let's see the names of vitamins,what it does for our body and where do we get it from.


 Vitamins Work source
 Thiamin (B1)
(water soluble)
 release energy in body, grow our body, help to heart, digestive and nervous systempeanuts, seeds, bread, cereals
 Niacin (B3)
(water soluble)
 Release energy from food, control cholesterol, keep good digestion process milk, green vegetables, fish, eggs
 Riboflavin (B2)
(water soluble)
 repair tissues, grow skin health and eye health, release food energy in the body. milk, cheese, curd, eggs, almonds, veggies
 Pyridoxine (B6)
(water soluble)
process with protein and carbs, create blood cells , help in brain and immune function fish, peanuts, veggies
 Cyan o-cobalamin (B12)
(water soluble)
create new blood cells and DNA  fish, chicken, meat, eggs, milk
 Folic Acid
(water soluble)
 Create DNA, keep strong nervous system Peanut butter, peanut, veggies, avocado
 A (Fat Soluble) Make strong immunity systemfish oil, butter, eggs, fruit, veggies
 Cholecalciferol (D)
 (Fat Soluble)
 Keep strong bones and teethsunlight
 Tocopherol (E)
 (Fat Soluble)
 fight against cancer fruit, veggies, eggs, peanuts, seeds
 Phylloquinone (k)
(Fat Soluble)
 cloth blood Green veggies, eggs, milk, cheese

If you want your body to be healthy and strong then eat nutritious diet that is what the body needs.