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How to Relieve Stress ? | Best Ways To Relive Stress

How to relieve stress

Today, every person has some kind of stress. Whether it's work of somethings else. Because of this stress peoples have forgotten to live their lives. Due to this stress, peoples are facing many problems. there are quarrels at home relationships break up, temper talons and so on.

In this article we will see meaning of stress, cause of stress, stress management, how to reduce stress, stress relief foods, stress relief activities, stress medicines and advantage of stress managements. this article will definitely help you to reduce your stress.

Stress Relieve Meaning

Relieving stress means relieving tension when we start worrying about somethings. that worry gradually turns into tensions and it affects our future.

Suppose, a person owns a large company. He is trying to get a big project. Gradually, his efforts turn into worry and worry turn into stress. This causes him to become irritable, angry, disinterested in somethings and see the consequence in the future.

Scientists have argued that the biggest cause of stress in this age is money. as you can see from the example above stress is anxiety.

From the moment you start working on something without worrying about it, you will not have any stress.

Cause of stress

Stress is not a disease of any kind but it can invite many ailment. when we worry to much about something we want, It become stress full.

here we are going to look at some things that cause stress and what kind of stress it can be. 


The stress of education is more prevalent  do not have money, they are stressful for their children, sometimes children do not want to learn and sometimes children wants to learn but parents do not allow them to learn according their interest and last but not least he ragging that is done on students by older students in school and colleges.

Relation Ship

There are many types of relationships such as brother-sister, father-mother, girl friend - boy friend etc.

The  cause of stress in a relationships stress is mismatch partner, lack of time, suspicion etc.

If you spend time with each other and show trust on each other, there are a lot of chances to reduce the stress in the relationship.

Business Stress

There are many reasons for stress in a business such at not getting a project, loss in business and important company data leaks etc. this is such a reality.

There is so much competition in the world today that big companies are truing to outdo each other by stealing each other data and getting employees working in each other company to the side. 

If you want to a reduce stress in business a very useful solution is to hire good employee, increase the security of your company and do not let any competitor down.

Family Stress

Money is by fat the most common cause of stress in family. Money is the biggest stress in the world. the reason for quarrels, murders. 

If you want to reduce this stress then saving money is great solution for you.

What Is Stress Management ?

Stress management is a technique that helps reduce stress in the human body.

If the stress is not solved at the right time then person will face lot of difficulties in their future.

The stress management is a kind of art.

The environment around a person who has stress is always anxious or negative, because stress always invites negative things and it can make a person more stressed and depressed.

Peoples should first be able to control their emotions in order to reduce their mental stress, Because stress is a types of emotion that arises from anxiety or worry.

The ideal situation is that 8 to 9 our of every 10 peoples have some kind of stress.

Everyone needs to learn the art of controlling their emotion. this is called stress management.

Importance of stress management

As we can see tolerance among people today is declining day by day. the biggest reason for this is the internet.

When there was a time of 2G and 3G, it used to take at least 10 to 13 seconds for a website load but as the speed of the internet increased day by day, the speed of the website started decreasing and this is why people don't have patience now a days. It has become natural for a person to get angry and irritated for not getting something on time or not getting it right ways in such a situation stress management is like an elixir.

If one learn the subject of stress management or becomes aware of this art, many questions in one's life will be solved easily and simply.

Stress management is not a difficult task. it is just a matter of controlling your emotions and your mind.

Stress management is very important because now days peoples have no control over their emotion peoples are constantly worries about little little things and peoples don not have patience.

How to reduce stress ?

It is said that doing a favorite things reduces the stress on your head because when you do a favorite things, a person only sees pleasure of that things and does not realize anything.

No matter what the activity, some peoples like to do exercise, some peoples like to eat, some peoples like to read books and some peoples like to travel in nature.

Have you ever experienced that, if you are stressed about something that you like, then you feel that the stress is gone this is the reason. why when you do your favorite things, your mind does not turn to that stress.

In this topic we are going to look at some of these food exercise will help you to relive stress.

Here are some foods that can help reduce stress. the best and most important food to reduce stress is a food that you love. here we just recommend some foods. you can avoid it and eat your favorite foods.


Orange have some qualities that make our mind fresh whenever we eat oranges and makes us forget our stress. 

Orange contain lots of vitamins and minerals. orange contain vitamin c, thiamine, folate, potassium. 

It low in calories and fat but high in fiver and healthy carbs.


 Calories 47
 Water 87%
 Vitamin A 14 mg
 Vitamin C  70 mg
 Protein 0.9 gm
 Carbohydrate 11.8 mg
 sugar 9.4 gm
 Fiber 2.4 gm
 Fat 0.1 gm


Chocolate is favorite food of children and elderly. there are two types of chocolates. white chocolate and dark chocolate. Both are excellent in test.

By the way, chocolate is made from milk but eating to much chocolate makes a person fatty.


 Fat 31 g
 Cholesterol 89 mg
 Sodium 24 mg
 Potassium 559 mg
 Carbohydrate 61g
 protein 4.9 g

Activities to reduce Stress

Everyone has their own hobbies. A hobby is a thing in which a person does not feel any kind of fatigue while doing what he wants to do.

Research show that dancing drawing, mountaineering, cycling are some of the that peoples love the most.

All the peoples in the world are different. just as their hobbies are different, so do that things that you love and the things that you never feel tired doing.

Strengthen your will power don't take stress and live happy life.


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