Peoples get many kinds of disease and suffer from many afflictions. One of them is back pain which is found in every 4th or 5th person. There are three main causes of back pain the first is ageing, the second is lifting heavy loads incorrectly and third is malnutrition.
In this article we will look at back pain in more detail the causes of back pain, exercise and what diet should be appropriate to reduce back pain etc.

Types Of Back Pain

  1. Lower Back Pain
  2. Upper back pain

Lower back pain

Lower Back pain

Lower back pain is found in a lot's of peoples. The lower back pain occurs just above part of the waist. This part is called lumbar. People with back pain have to deal with lot's of trouble. Like they can't lift heavy loads, can't stand for long, pain while bending etc. Lower back pain is found in more peoples as compare to upper back pain. It can affect anyone from children to young men and elderly.

Upper back pain

upper back pain
Upper back pain usually occurs in the trapeziums area of the back. Trapeziums is in the middle of the back. Carrying a heavy subject from the back causes such as problem. Upper back pain can also be a problem for anyone who is careless.

Causes of back pain

Muscle de-conditioning

Muscle de-conditioning means that the muscle structure is different abnormal than in other individuals. It can also be a cause of back pain. Which is genetic or change in muscles structure during accident.

Poor posture

Poor posture are an important part of our daily lives. Some peoples do not keep their spine straight and this process continue over time resulting is back pain. So it is important to sit properly while sitting.

Muscle overuse

Muscle is constantly used in the same place and not getting enough nutrition to precede it can create the pain in that place so relaxing the muscles is just as important.

Lifting loads carelessly

Lifting heavy luggage is a trick. Some people's hastily pickup luggage in the wrong way and face back pain. The luggage is always slightly bent and the spine should be straight so the back but on the shoulder. This is a good way to pick up luggage and avoid back pain.


We all know that human life is getting shorter as time goes on. The only reason for this is the unhealthy lifestyle. Peoples are getting more and more attracted to junk food but junk food is not nutrition but it invites disease. Malnutrition can lead to back pain and other physical problems.

Old age

Aging is a part of life in which we have to deal with many physical problems. Because physical ability decreases, bones become weaker and they can also be a cause of back pain.

Exercise to relieve back pain

Crunches, stretching, wall sits, bird dog, bridge and swimming these are some types of exercise that target the entire back and help to reduce back pain.


how to relieve back pain fast


how to relieve back pain fast

Wall sits

how to relieve back pain fast

Bird dog

how to relieve back pain fastBridge

how to relieve back pain fast


how to relieve back pain fast

10 high calcium and vitamin-d foods

Vitamin d and calcium are very important for our body. Both of components are great for bones and their health. Doctors also advice patients with joint pain and back pain to eat foods rich in calcium and vitamin d. Here we will look at 10 foods that are high in vitamin d and calcium.

  1. Spinach
  2. Kale
  3. Okra
  4. Ca-lords
  5. Soybean
  6. Almonds
  7. Cheese
  8. Yogurt
  9. Tofu
  10. Milk 

Tips to relieve back pain

  1. Drink one glass of milk everyday before bed.
  2. consume vitamin D, which is get from sun light.
  3. Take Good diet and nutrition.
  4. Be careful when you lift heavy weight.
  5. Do Stretching of your body to make healthy muscles.
  6. do exercise to make strong body. 
  7. keep right posture of your spine when you sitting. 
  8. Increase the intake of protein, vitamin-D and calcium.

These are some common things which can protect you from back pain and many more.