How to digest food ?
Weak Digestion
The ways peoples are living today caused many problem in their lives. Some problems are caused by work stress and some problems are caused by the body. In the body suffer from stomach ache, headache, body pain and dizziness etc.
In this article we will look at one the problem that all these problem are caused by eating junk food and that problem is indigestion. Many peoples suffer from this problem.

Causes of indigestion

1. Weak digestive system.
2. Not chewing food properly.
3. Drinking water immediately after a meal.
4. Sleeping after meal.
5. Eating Street food and junk food.
6. Using flour in meal.
7. Decreased physical activity.

Solutions To Digest Food

1. Chew Food at least 32 times
2. Don't drink water immediately after meal.
3. Walk 10 to 15 minutes after every meal.
4. Eat vegetables and fruits.
5. Avoid flour in meal.
6. Do exercise at least 25 minutes a day.
7. Drink warm water after every meal.
8. Drink warm lemon water in early morning.
9. Increase the intake of ginger.
10. Eat yogurt.

Drinking water immediately after a meal show down the digestion process, so water should be drink at least 10 to 15 minutes after the meal.

Some peoples get lazy after a meal and so they fall asleep immediately, walking for while after a meal burn calories and sleep up the digestive process. therefore we should we should walk 10 minutes after every meal.

If you include green vegetables, fruits and cereals
in your diet, they are not only good for health but also digestible, so eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible

If your digestion system is weak then eat as much as ginger as possible in your diet as. ginger is an acidic substance these acids stimulate the digestive process. ginger also has many benefits. Eating ginger also help in weight loss.

Yogurt is a product made from milk. We all know how milk is good for the body. Eating yogurt after or during meal makes your stomach bloated and digestion in good.drinking a glass of milk before going to bed instead of yogurt also improve our digestion.

we all know how acidic lemon is. Lemon is also used as medicine on some disease. The acid in lemon is conducive to digestion. acidic substance from lemon help to break the fat tissues and therefore we can lose weight. 

Benefits Of Good Digestion

1. All the dirt in the body goes out of the body.
2. It is said that diseases are caused by the stomach but if the stomach is in good health then the chances or getting any disease are less.
3. Good digestion keeps the stomach clean and that is why we feel light.
4. The mind remains fresh and happy.
5. It help to make strong immune system.

These are some reasons, causes and benefits of indigestion and digestion.