Protein is considered very important for our body. There are many functions in the body that cannot be accomplished without Protein. Protein makes up the building blocks of organs, muscles, skin and hormones. Protein help to maintain and repair tissues. The body needs Protein for optimal growth.
Sometimes people try to gain weight and some times they try to lose weight. For this they have to eat the right diet which is considered to be the unique  general importance of protein the diet.
Due to lack of protein in the body peoples suffer from hair loss, joint pain and lack of muscles.
In order to live a healthy life people should include protein in their diet. In this article we look at some foods that are high in protein.


High Protein Food
Chicken Breast

Chicken is a food that we use in your daily diet and we like.chicken is a good source of protein. Chicken is cooked in different ways like some people's eat it fried and some people's eat it with vegetables. They have different methods and different tastes. Per 140 gram of chicken contain 335 calories, 38  gram protein and 0 gram of carbohydrates.


High Protein Food
Pure Milk
Milk considered to be very good for the body. In order for the body of new born baby to grow properly. He is give only milk for 2 to 4 years. Therefore his body grow well. Milk contain many vitamins. Physician also recommend milk help in digestion, reduces joint pain and keeps the body healthy. Milk contain a lot of protein. one cup of milk contain 83 calories, protein 8 gram and 12 gram of carbohydrates.


High Protein Food
Roasted  Fish

The fish is a sea creatures and in many places  it eats. There are different type of fish. But not all fish are eatables. Some fish are poisonous. Fish is also used medicinally. Oil extracted from fish is also considered to be good for your body. Every country has a different method and taste of making fish. Fish contain a lot's of protein. 150 gram of fish contain 280 calories, 10 gram fat, 0 carbohydrate and 36 gram of protein.


High Protein Food
Curd or yogurt

Yogurt is a product made from milk. It is white in color. The taste is slightly sour. Eating yogurt strengthens your digestion. Yogurt is mainly eaten after a meal in India, Yogurt is eaten before doing any good work.100 gram yogurt or one cup yogurt contain 61 calories, 4.7 gm carbohydrates and 3.5 gm protein. 


High Protein Food

A peanuts is high nutritious food. It is said that eating almonds every day enhance your memory. There are many benefits to eating almonds. Almonds are a nutritious food. It contains Healthy fat ,protein and fiber. 100 gm protein contain 500 calories, 20 to 21 gm protein.


High Protein Food
Healthy paneer

Paneer is another substance that is made from milk. Paneer is a good protein mark for vegetarians . It takes two days to make paneer. Lemon is squeezed in milk and kept for two days and the water is removed. This is how paneer is made.
100 gm paneer can contain 343 calories, 6 gm carbohydrates and 19 gm protein.


High Protein Food
Eggs for diet
Eggs are a nutritious food. There is also the usual mine. Many peoples question whether eggs are vegetarians or non vegetarian. But scientist have made it clear that eggs are high protein food. Egg whites are high in protein and low in fat. Eggs are used in the diet for weight loss and body building.
100 gm egg whites contain 52 calories and 10 gm protein. 


High Protein Food

The taste of peanuts and almonds is the same. Peanuts are a high quality protein food. Oil is also extracted from sorghum. This all is mainly used in food.
100 gm peanuts contain 567 calories, 7% water, 16 gm carbs, 8.5 gm fiber and 26 gram protein.

These are some best 8 high protein foods which is full natural and healthy . these are some best high source of protein.