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Nutrition Fact And Health Benefits Of Fish


The eating habit and foods of the people are different in every state and every country. in some place non-vegetarian food is eaten and in some places vegetarian food is eaten. The number of non-vegetarian in the world is more than the number of people who eat vegetarian food. There are a total of 28000 fish species in the know world.
But not all of these mines are eatables. Some of these species are so large that they cannot be fished and some are poisonous. That is why not all are eatables. There are only few species that we can eat. The number is not even a fingers breadth.
There is also a difference in the way people eat fish. Some people eat it fried and some people's eat it roasted. There are also many benefits of eating fish.
In this article we will see about fish nutrition and what are benefits of eating fish to our body.

Fish Nutrition:
Calories: 96
Fat: 1.7 g
Carbohydrates: 0 g
Protein: 20 g

1. Fish contain vitamin and minerals

Fish is a nutritious food. It contains lot's of vitamins and minerals. Fish is very good source of vitamin d. Some studies have shown that the life of today's life has become dangerous. As more and more people's turn into junk food. The nutritional value of their diet is declining. Improper diet has made them sick.this causing people all over the world to suffer from malnutrition. Similarly if you eat fish every day, it eliminates the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body.
Cholesterol: 50 mg
sodium: 52 mg
Vitamin D: 3.1 mg
Iron: 0.56 mg
Potassium: 302 mg
Calcium: 10 mg 

2.Fish high in protein

fish contain a lot's of protein. protein is very important for our body. such as muscle growth and maintenance. if a person wants to lose weight as much as possible eating high protein diet is very useful. it also protect us from many disease.

3.Fish Avoid heart disease.

In the pat human life was much better and healthier than today's human life. in the past, only one or two case out of ten peoples had diseases like diabetes and heart attack. but if you look at today's rate, 5 out of 10 peoples are suffering from diseases like heart attack, diabetes, blood pressure. some studies have shown that eating fish reduce the risk of heart disease. this is because fish contain omega 3 fatty acids which help prevent diseases like heart disease. Boost Brain health

The brain is an important and integrate part of our body. our whole body is working according to what brain tell us to do. If there is an injury to any part of the body, it can happen on the rake. The brain plays a big role in the this.
If regular fish eating in old age reduce the stress on the brain and it's efficiency is likely to be the same as before because people who eat fish have more gray matter in their brain than other peoples.

5.Fish protect eye health.

If you look today, many people have eye problem. Sometimes they have trouble seeing, sometimes their eyes hurt so they have to resort to spectacles. People suffer from eye problem because they are low in vitamins, minerals and omega 3. Eating fish regularly reduce eye strain and protect those who do not have it.

So this are some benefits of eating fish and information about fish nutrition. eat healthy stay healthy.


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