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What is Cancer ? | Basic Information

Even if cancer mentioned, it immediately creates fear in our mind that if we get the diseased ?. Uncontrolled growth of cells in our body causes cancer. 

cancer destroy healthy cells in the body that is why the human immunity system is weakened and that is why cancer builds it rules over our body. 

A total of 100+ types of cancer have found in humans, but it can be found in any other animal. the disease spreads rapidly from one part of the body to another. as a person gets older, the risk of getting cancer also increases.  

This is because as a person gets older, his body's immune system weakens and hence his risk of getting cancer increases.

Tobacco, cigarettes and alcohol are some of the causes of cancer.

In This article, we will briefly discuss what exactly cancer is, the symptoms of cancer, the causes of cancer, the cure for cancer and many more.
Types OF Cancer Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma.Anal Cancer.Amyloidosis.adrenal gland tumor.Appendix cancer.Bone Cancer.Bladder Cancer.Bile Duct…

How to Relieve Stress ? | Best Ways To Relive Stress

Today, every person has some kind of stress. Whether it's work of somethings else. Because of this stress peoples have forgotten to live their lives. Due to this stress, peoples are facing many problems. there are quarrels at home relationships break up, temper talons and so on.

In this article we will see meaning of stress, cause of stress, stress management, how to reduce stress, stress relief foods, stress relief activities, stress medicines and advantage of stress managements. this article will definitely help you to reduce your stress.
Stress Relieve Meaning Relieving stress means relieving tension when we start worrying about somethings. that worry gradually turns into tensions and it affects our future.

Suppose, a person owns a large company. He is trying to get a big project. Gradually, his efforts turn into worry and worry turn into stress. This causes him to become irritable, angry, disinterested in somethings and see the consequence in the future.

Scientists have argued tha…

What is pollution ? | Life Threatening

We all know that this is the age of technology and development. New factories are being set up. Each country is trying it's best to develop it. Human does not realize that human is developing by harming the environment. He is building factories there, killing animal and making things out of their skins and the smoke coming out of the factories is killing the birds. Human is certainly making progress but he is running the environment and his own future.

In this article we will learn about pollution, what is pollution, what are it's types, what can we take care of, how pollution Is endangering our lives and what we should do to prevent pollution etc.
what is pollution ?At present and to put it bluntly, pollution means spoiling something and making that thing unless like air, river, lack, etc. 

The way human being are destroying the environment in the name of development. there are three types of pollution in total.
Types of PollutionAir PollutionAs the name implies air pollution. a…

Chest Workout At Home

exercise is very important for our body. Exercise reduce some problem from out life. When we do exercise, we do variety of body movements so that the body stay flexible. Exercise makes our whole day happier and better.

Exercising daily boost our immune system. Exercise keep energy in the body so any work is competed without laziness. 

Peoples have different ways of exercising. some peoples prefer to go to the gym and exercise, while other prefer to exercise at home.

In this article we will see how to do chest workout at home in a simple ways also we will cover some questions.

We don't have to go to gym to do exercise. We can do exercise at home. Sometimes there is situation where you can't go to the gym even if you have time and  money. so staying at home and exercising is a great option at that situation.

Here we will cover two main topics which are exercise with equipment's like dumbbells and exercises without body weight.

some peoples even have exercise equipment to do exerci…

What is nutrition ? ( In Detail)

Nutrition means perfect and nutritious diet to keep the body fit and healthy. Nutrition involves many things. like vitamins, protein, minerals, carbohydrate etc. This requires us to eat food that are nutritious and that meed our body need's. There are two types of nutrition in total. the first is good or healthy nutrition and second is bad or unhealthy nutrition. 

Good nutrition is what keeps your body healthy and boosts it's immune process. good nutrition helps our body meet it's daily need of carbs, protein, vitamin, iron, fat and calories.

In a nutritious diet we include milk, eggs, leafy vegetables, green vegetables, cereals, meat etc. 
scientists have proven that the human body works properly by eating these foods.

So Eat as much nutritious food as possible.

Bad nutrition is just the opposite of good nutrition. it is also called malnutrition. This means that what we eat does not meet certain needs in our body.

some peoples suffer from malnutrition. a good example of this i…

High Protien Diet

A good diet is the key to a healthy life. A good diet is a nutritious diet like eating green vegetables, cereals, milk. Proper diet also means eating from time to time people need good food today. Because day by day means diet is deteriorating. They moving away from vegetables and getting closer to junk food. That is why it is affecting on their health. So keep eating  well .
In this article we will look at a diet high in protein. Almost all the foods in this diet are available in your home. So this diet is affordable for everyone.
This diet will be completely natural. You can also use this disease to lose weight or build muscle.
MondayMeal No.1 (700 cal)

oats, brown bread, fruits, green tea or warm water or black coffee

Meal No.2 (700 cal)

chicken, rice, vegetable salad, warm water

Meal No.3 (200 cal)

fruit, almonds

Meal No.4 (200 cal)

Home made protein shake

Meal No.5 (600 cal)

brown rice, omelette, vegetable salad, curd
TuesdayMeal No. 1 (700 cal)

fruits, omelette, brown bread, black coffee or w…

How to Relieve back pain fast ?

Peoples get many kinds of disease and suffer from many afflictions. One of them is back pain which is found in every 4th or 5th person. There are three main causes of back pain the first is ageing, the second is lifting heavy loads incorrectly and third is malnutrition.
In this article we will look at back pain in more detail the causes of back pain, exercise and what diet should be appropriate to reduce back pain etc.
Types Of Back PainLower Back PainUpper back pain Lower back pain
Lower back pain is found in a lot's of peoples. The lower back pain occurs just above part of the waist. This part is called lumbar. People with back pain have to deal with lot's of trouble. Like they can't lift heavy loads, can't stand for long, pain while bending etc. Lower back pain is found in more peoples as compare to upper back pain. It can affect anyone from children to young men and elderly.
Upper back painUpper back pain usually occurs in the trapeziums area of the back. Trapeziums is…

How To Digest Food Fast ?

The ways peoples are living today caused many problem in their lives. Some problems are caused by work stress and some problems are caused by the body. In the body suffer from stomach ache, headache, body pain and dizziness etc.
In this article we will look at one the problem that all these problem are caused by eating junk food and that problem is indigestion. Many peoples suffer from this problem.
Causes of indigestion1. Weak digestive system.
2. Not chewing food properly.
3. Drinking water immediately after a meal.
4. Sleeping after meal.
5. Eating Street food and junk food.
6. Using flour in meal.
7. Decreased physical activity.
Solutions To Digest Food1. Chew Food at least 32 times
2. Don't drink water immediately after meal.
3. Walk 10 to 15 minutes after every meal.
4. Eat vegetables and fruits.
5. Avoid flour in meal.
6. Do exercise at least 25 minutes a day.
7. Drink warm water after every meal.
8. Drink warm lemon water in early morning.
9. Increase the intake of ginger.
10. Eat yogurt.