How to lose stomach fat that is the big question.our obesity start from the stomach.the first step in obesity is our stomach.when we eat more than our body needs and the food we eat cannot be fully digested by our body those unsaturated calories accumulate around our stomach in the form of fat.this is how our obesity journey begins.
how to lose stomach fat
Stomach Fat burning

Slowly this fat starts to spread throughout the body and we become obese. Obesity comes early but it takes a lot of time and effort to get rid of obesity. A person look obese from the size of his stomach for example, if one's stomach is in perfect shape and size, he is considered fit and if one's stomach is big, he is considered lazy.

During these time we have to face many tribulations such as our friends ridicule our bodies, we do not look good in cloths, we are not able to run faster than our friends, we are ashamed to go in front of girl whom we love, more than our equal age children called us uncle when we go out. Many people's remedy this but wrong.some times they do exercise but don't keep their diet good, some times they keep their diet good but they don't exercise. These are wrong ways.

In this article we will look in detail at some of the types of exercise and how your diet should be that will help us to lose stomach fat.


These are some simple and high calories burning exercises.

sit up exercise directly target to abdominal area. Also this is the best option to burn stomach fat.sit ups is similar to crunch.there are specially Three part of abdominal an d that is upper, lower, and middle abdominal.if we want to lose stomach fat then we should focus on lower part of abdominal.
how to lose stomach fat fast
Sit Ups
Rope jumping is a high strength exercise. it is a very powerful this exercise our all body part involved. This is a fat burning exercise.if we do rope jumping only one hour a day then we can burn extra fat from over all body in less will give results with in months.

Running is considered to be a great help to increase our body strength. Full body organs participate in the escape.when we run we sweat quickly and we feel light.

Walking reduce many of our body problems as blood flow improves, the risk of developing diabetes decrease and weight loss occurs. A person should walk at least 5 to 7 thousands steps in a day

The plank is an isometric core strength exercise. this is a very simple exercise. plank exercise directly target to our shoulders, thighs and abdominal area. plank is one of the best calories burning hold engages multiple muscles at a also help to improve posture.


Lemon water
Black coffee
Green tea
Green coffee

These are some powerful weight loss or fat burning drinks. These drinks are low in calories . These are energy drink make our mind fresh .it help to boost digestion process or repair it. These drinks will be more beneficial if we consume it in early morning.daily consumption of above drink can boost our metabolism.

Advice oR Tips

  1. Create your own home made diet which is full with vegetables, fruits and healthy foods.
  2. Start exercise
  3. Consume weight loss drinks in early morning with empty stomach.
  4. Eat low carb foods.
  5. Walk 6 to 8 thousands steps a day.
  6. Avoid junk food.
  7. Drink warm water as possible
  8. Walk minimum 10 minutes after every meal.


It is impossible to lose fat in any one part of the body, unless is a complete reduction in body fat. Losing weight is a simple and straightforward process but why do people find it difficulty?.
If we eat well and exercise daily ,we can never become obese. So eat well exercise and live a healthy life.