In this age, people's lives have changed is worsening day by day.mostly people's avoid vegetables and home made food. Their focus only on junk foods like pizza, burger and fries foods.because of unhealthy lifestyle people's start to become obese or this age around 31% percent people's are obese or overweight in the world. The world's population is 7 billion and number of overweight peoples is 2 billion.this causes the problem of man reduce man boobs or chest fat is not a easy is also long term procedure.
In this article we will see some ways, diet plan, how to set calories deficit, fat burning exercise and causes of chest fat.this things will definitely help us to loss chest fat or man boobs.

How to burn chest fat ?

Lose fat from body is not a easy task. weight loss is a long term procedure. it take minimum three to four months to show result. before start to lose weight we should first know how it's works.there is math behind the weight loss.the mathematics of calories.
there is basic need of calories for male is 2000.we can loss max 1 pound via diet.that means we have to lose 3500 calories to lose one pound. if we reduce 500 calories from our daily need of calories then we can reduce 3500 calories in a week that means we can loss half kg or one pound in a week.if you can not reduce calories then there is multiple ways. you can reduce 500 calories via heavy weight exercise also we can do cardio.which is the best option to burn calories.

Calories Deficit

Calorie deficit is the tracking and tracking of what you eat in your daily life.reducing the intake of fat and carbohydrates is one of the best way to create calorie deficit. weight training in combination with high intensity cardio is another.
We can also take help of mobile apps or a notebook to tracking our daily food calories. apps and notebook is the good way to track amount of our daily and websites can tell us how many calories in many different foods to help us track that.
First of all we should create our typical diet plan and we must have to follow it. start to calculate nutrition using mobile app and website. there is two best apps which will hep us to calculate calories from show accurate nutrition. that app is healthyfyme and true weight.
If we do work out and cardio in gym for one hour then we can burn up to 400 to 600 calories.Another site at a same day if we reduce 400 to 600 calories from our daily food calories then we can loss 1000 calories in a day. that means we can loss 3000 calories or 1 pound or half kg in 3 days.

Fat Burning Exercise For Chest Fat

There is some best exercise to get rid of chest fat.which is directly target to the area of chest, like upper chest, lower chest, middle part of chest etc. these are very common but beneficial exercise.

Push Ups

how to lose chest fat for men
Push  Ups

The Push ups is great choice for beginner who wants to start exercise. Push Ups target to our over all chest part and upper body also.we have to know which is the correct position to do push ups.
Start with plank position with your arms outstretched underneath the rest of your body and your feet shoulder width this position try to go lower to the ground and after going lower try to push upper side. try it many time to practice.when make your position perfect then try to increase the number of repetition.
this is a powerful exercise. you will get results with in two three months. If you can do 2000 push ups then you will burn around 400 - 500 calories.

cable cross

how to lose chest fat for men
Cable Cross

Cable cross is another exercise which we do for chest . this exercise target  upper part of chest which have place under arms.
Start with setup of your body position.hold two cables in your hands and start to pull it in forward direction.when you do this exercise bend your waist in forward heavy weight exercise as possible. if you do 1000 repetition of cable cross then you can burn around 450 - 470 calories. cross cable target mostly middle part of chest.if you do this exercise regularly then your will get results in 2 - depends on your hard work.

Decline Bench Press

how to lose chest fat for men
Decline Bench Press

Decline bench press is an excellent exercise for lower chest and to remove chest fat or man boobs.during the period of man boobs mostly our fat stored in lower part of chest.this exercise directly targeted to lower part of chest. In this exercise you need just bench, rod and plates. set your bench in 15 to 30 degree on a decline. do exercise like bench is a effective exercise. mostly body builder choose this exercise to increase strength of lower chest.

Bench Press

how to lose chest fat for men
Normal bench press

If you do bench press at first time then prefer lower weight as possible. do this exercise in front of experienced people or gym coach.some times peoples do this in wrong way and they get be carefully. 
Start with sleeping on bench in right way grab the bar in hand with equal distance then start to push it.if you do this then do not forget bar should be on chest level.

Dumbbell Pull over

how to lose chest fat for men
Dumbbell Pull over

Dumbbell pull over is done while lying flat on a workout bench. hold dumbbells. here one of the sides of the weight faces us, hold dumbbell straight over our chest at arm length. slowly lower the dumbbell back over your head and toward the floor. try to keep your arms straight the entire time your lowering the dumbbell.
If you do this at first time then make sure your position and lift lower weight as possible because safety first then fitness.


Cardio is right choice to loss weight.if you do cardio in early morning with empty stomach then it will give next level results. specially cardio do to lose weight but some times peoples lost their muscles because of wrong nutrition diet. If you want to lose weight then your have to follow healthy or right nutrition .
Here we will see some best cardio exercise which will help you to lose over all body fat.
  1. Plank 
  2. Side Plank
  3. Walking
  4. Running
  5. Rope jumping
This cardio exercise help to burn more calories as compare to another exercises.

Causes Of  Man boobs

how to lose chest fat for men
Causes Of  Man Boobs

The common reason of chest fat in men is obesity. When we consume more calories but we not burn then then obesity occurs..In the period of obesity our fat cells increase and fat stored in over all body.
some times here problem occurs in genetic.our genetic is some some. every one have different genetics property.that is why fat not store at same place. this is  depends on genetics. some times it store in chest, thigh etc.some times excess chest fat in males is caused by low testosterone level . this happen when our body breast tissue swelled.
Chest fat has another reason is gynaecomastia. it is also called gyno. we can't remove gyno from our fat part.there is only one solution on gynecologist and that is surgery.

certain meditation can cause of gynaecomastia.

  1. anti-bionics
  2. anti-anxiety
  3. steroids
  4. cancer treatment

Tips For Diet Plan

calculate your daily need calories.
reduce 400 - 500 calories from your daily need of calories.
set low carbohydrates diet.
increase the amount of protein in your diet.
increase the quantity of vegetables in diet.
eat less in last meal of the day (Lunch).
Drink water as possible.

How to lose chest fat for females

There is no different ways for females to burn chest exercise, follow healthy diet, keep patience and get results.but you have to under stand , without burning over all body fat you can't lose chest fat.
Decrease carbohydrates from your diet, increase amount of protein in your diet. drink water as possible


Lose chest fat is not a easy task.Man boobs is a common problem in obese or overweight peoples. some times people has gyno problem. in this problem we can not reduce man boobs, there is only one  solution on it and that is operation or surgery. If you want to reduce or burn man boobs then you have to follow strict diet. follow low carbs diet and increase the amount of protein.
Do cardio and heavy weight training.heavy weight training can burn more calories as compare to low weight training. during this over all procedure you should have patience.

How Many Days Have You Set A Target To Reduce Chest Fat ?