Lemon is a sour fruit that you use in your daily diet.the lemon is green when it is raw and yellow when ripe.but this does not affect the use of lemon.lemon is raw but can be used in diet.there are two major types of lemon. idlimbu and paper lemon.
nutrition fact and health benefits of lemon
Health Benefits And Nutrition Fact Of Lemon

It is used in syrup and pickles.lemon is mainly used for sour taste in food.lemon is mainly shrimp.just as lemon is used in diet, it is also as a medicinal fruit.there are also some medicinal uses of lemon like abdominal pain, to stay away from cancer, to lose weight etc. Lemon is used to treat many such problems and diseases.

There are several varieties of lemon, one of which is idlimbu and the other is mahblung . just as there are different varieties of lemon.they also have different names.
In English it is called lime or lemon and it's scientific name is acid soar lime.
Lemon is a great source of vitamin c and fiber. It contain less amount of fat and calories also it contain almost 89% of water.China, India and mexico are the top producer country of lemon in the world.
In this article we will see everything about lemon means about nutrition, about health benefits, about healthy lemon drink recipes etc...

Nutrition Facts

Lemon is a very beneficial for our health.it is a natural resource of carbs, fiber and fat.Lemon contain very small amount of fat and protein.Lemon contain 10% of carbohydrates.Lemon contain large amount means 90% of water.A small lemon has 13 calories and medium lemon provide 31 calories.Here we will see nutrition of 1/2 cup of lemon juice.Here we take cup to measure nutrition of lemon juice.cause this method is easy to measure nutrition.


Calories : 29
Carbs : 9.3 gram
Fiber : 2.3 gram
Fat : 0.3 gram
Protein : 1.1 gram


Every food or drink has carbs .carbs give energy to body from food.1/2 cup of lemon juice prove 9.3% percent of carbs means 10% percent out of 100% percent.


Lemon contain high levels of dietary fiber.  Fiber is very important part of nutrition and healthy diet.fiber improve our immunity and also help to repair our digestive system.
It become our life fit and fine and lemon contain 2.8 gram of fiber.


Protein is another important part of nutrition.it help to boost metabolism and also help to recover broken muscle.
Here lemon juice contain 1.1 gram of protein. Which is very good amount as compare to quality of lemon juice.

Vitamin And Minerals

Vitamin and minerals are playing very very important role in over life.Lemon is good source of vitamin c.it also contain vitamin B-1, B-2, B-5, B-6  as well as calcium, copper, iron and potassium.Now we will see why above vitamins and mineral are important for us.

Vitamin B-1: Vitamin B-1 help to our body cells to convert carbohydrates into energy.

Vitamin B-2: Vitamin B-2 help to break down protein, carbohydrates, fat cells.it is important to provide energy constantly.

Vitamin B-5: it is also called Pantothenic acid. it help to create blood cells in our body.

Vitamin B-6: Vitamin B-6 is important for hemoglobin. that means it involved in production of hemoglobin.

Calcium: Calcium is necessary for healthy and strong bones.consuming large amount of calcium help to decrease the pain of joints.

copper: copper is very important nutrient for our body.it help in multi procedures means it help to maintain healthy bones, blood vessels, nerves and immune function.

Iron: Iron transport oxygen throughout the body.

potassium: Potassium play important role for our body.Potassium regulate fluid balance, muscle contraction and nerve signals.

high potassium diet help to reduce blood pressure problem and protect against kidney stone.

Health Benefits of Lemon

Lemon juice is good for our health.it provide some benefits to our body.let's see some benefits of it.
  1. Weight loss

  2. Protect against cancer

  3. Boost immunity system.

  4. Blood Pressure.

  5. Fight Against corona

  6. Boost Skin Health

Weight loss

Lemon is low in calories.it promote fullness which decrease calories intake. it contain some acids which is help to boost metabolism and lose weight.

Protect From Cancer

Lemon is a citrus fruit and it have anticancer potential.that is why large amount of lemon juice intake can help to fight against cancer in our body

Boost Immune System

We all know Lemon is a acidic fruit.that is why it help to digest food fast and easy therefore immunity system get less effort to digest food and immunity system become fast.

Avoid Blood Pressure Problem

Lemon juice contain enough amount of copper which is help to maintain blood pressure.

Fight against corona Virus

According to doctors we should consume vitamin c during corona . It help to fight against corona virus.as we know lemon is good source of vitamin c.

Boost skin health

Lemon has some minerals and vitamins which is help to boost health of our skin and make it glow and shiny.


here we will some lemon drinks which will help you to start healthy day, to lose weight and help to stay fit and healthy body.

  1. Lemon Water
  2. Lemon Tea
  3. Lemon Honey Water

Lemon Water

Lemon water is good option to start a day with healthy drink.
To make for this drink you should have a pot, one lemon and one glass of water.
1.Take one pot and place it on gas and start the gas.
2.Take one glass of water and start to boil it.
3.after make it warm at normal temperature the again take water and place it in glass.
4.Peel one lemon in warm water and mix it well.

Lemon Tea

Lemon tea is another best option for full day.you can replace normal tea and cold drinks with it.
lemon tea is easy to make and great in test. you should try this at once.
1.Take one cup of water in pot and start to boil it.
2.Take Very Few amount of teapot and place it in water.
3.Boil it at some stage 
4.If you want then you can add sugar as our opinion is you should avoid sugar.
5.After boiled it well then take that water in cup and peel one lemon in that.it has great test.

Lemon Honey water

For this water we need one - two table spoon honey.we use here natural honey.this drink help to boost energy and also help to boost body metabolism.
1.Boil one glass of water
2.Peel one lemon and mix 1-2 tea spoon of honey in that.


1.Start your day with lemon drink
2.Include melon in your diet as possible.
3.Eat one lemon after any meal.
4.Avoid medicine for vitamin c start to eat lemon.


Lemon is good resource of Vitamin c. lemon juice help to lose weight fast and natural.if any one want to repair their immunity system then start to eat lemon every day.We can fight against cancer, blood pressure, obesity etc.lemon help to detox extra weight of water from our body.eat lemon and boost your health.

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