Human being have been enjoying coffee for the last several years.
Coffee has been a popular beverage since the 15th century, almost 500 years ago.The name coffee fell from it's tree.
Nutrition fact and health benefits of coffee
Nutrition Fact & Health Benefits Of Coffee

The Brazil is the highest producer of coffee in the world.
There are usually coffee seeds that are dried and crushed and that is why we refer to as coffee powder or coffee. Coffee has many benefits in our day - to - day life. like it help to keep mind fresh, increase our power of concentration, help to do more activity during exercise etc. Coffee has low calorie, carbs, fat but it has high amount of benefits. Here we will see some benefits of coffee in detail.before seeing benefits let's see the nutrition of one cup of coffee without milk and sugar.

Nutrition(One cup of coffee)

Calories : 2
Protein : 0.1 gm
Carbs : 0.4 gm
Fat : 0 gm
Fiber : 0 gm

Reduce The Risk of Diabetes

According to some research, coffee can help to decrease the risk of common two types of diabetes. Researchers have found the cafes tole. A biopic compound Which is present in coffee. It help to increase insulation, Reduce fasting glucose level and improve insulin sensitivity in mice.

Liver Disease

When our body digest caffeine at that time it makes a chemical namely Xanthippe. Which is help to decrease the speed of the scar tissue involve in fibrosis.
That may help to fight with liver cancer, alcohol related cirrhosis, non alcohol related fatty liver disease.

Heart Health

Heart Problems
Heart Problem - Coffee

Drinking 4-6 cups of coffee can help full for our heart.
Coffee conduct ingredient namely caffeine.
Caffeine induces mitochondrial which is ultimately lead to protecting heart 💓 muscle.
Also help to repair heart muscle.

Weight Loss

weight loss with coffee
Weight Loss with Coffee
Mostly we use coffee to lose weight.cause coffee gives instant results.
Drinking coffee before working out help to increase strength of workout.
Also coffee helps to boost our body metabolism.
Caffeine break the fat muscle and help to reduce extra body fat.

Improve Mental Health

Coffee is the best memory enhancer.
People's who drinking coffee on daily basis they have sharp memory.
It help to make mind fresh and gives energy to do hard work.
According to the research coffee has several cognitive benefits and work for all age groups.

Improve Digestive System

Caffeine help to improve our digestive system.
It help to digest food and that is why our body not need high efforts to digest food and that way our digestive system repair.
It make strong immunity system which is help to our body to do fight with bad disease.

Reduce the risk of cancer

Coffee contain large amount of caffeine.caffeine is one of the helpful ingredient which is help to reduce the risk of cancer.
Caffeine can rush carcinogens through the digestive tract, there by reducing the guts exposure to them.
Caffeine also possess antioxidant properties and limit the growth and migration of colon cancer cells.

So this may some benefits of drinking coffee every day.
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