corona virus updates
Corona virus
The hottest topic at the moment is the corona virus. Today, the world is planning to tackle the corona virus.the outbreak that a few months ago has made the whole world crazy.The most advanced countries in the world, such as the us and china  are in bad situation.the disease emerged during November - December last year, almost five to six months ago, but the whole world is unable to find a medicine on the disease and the disease is spreading.the whole world is shaken by this.corona causes so many victim every day.As if the whole world was helpless in front of corona.the world health organization even declared corona as a global epidemic.

Corona originated in china. It was first reported about corona that the disease had spread through  the meat market in Wuhan, china. Now, a few days ago, it was shown that it was a device created by china, which china intended to occupy the entire world, but this left the opposite.

Coronation has ruined the economy of many countries. thousand of peoples are dying of the disease every day. the most populous countries are among the most populous and most advanced countries. this disease has endangered the entire human population. The world today filled with fear. The animals are freely roaming the streets and the man is imprisoned in his own home. it is as if the year has come to the end of mankind.

Corona Virus or COVID-19

Corona is the deadliest virus that china has given to the world. The corona virus is an infectious disease. It is said that the person is infected with the disease at a distance of 3 feet. The disease is spreading rapidly. corona is known as COVID-19. For the first time in the human body the physician are unable to find a medicine on the disease. to date, a total of  2,091,517 patients are present in the world and 148,663 peoples are died because of corona virus.

Until today, when people were released from corona, it was found that corona was unable to fully transmit their body because of their immune system. Eating fruits containing vitamin c also helps the body fight the corona virus. apple, bananas, lychee, lemons, oranges are some fruits with vitamin c. Therefore, add fruits containing vitamin c to your diet and eat as much nutrition as possible.

Victim Of Corona Virus

Corona virus is finding new patients every day, and many are facing death every day. Here we are going to learn about some of the countries that have the most impact on corona. the condition of those countries are also the name of the united states, the world's tallest country floor. the united states, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, the united kingdom, china have some corona influence over other countries.
No. Countries Patients Death
8 Iran 79,495 4,959
9 Turkey 74,194 1,644
10 Russia 32,010 275
11 Canada 30,110 1200
12 India 13,853 452
13 Japan 9,235 190
14 Saudi Arabia 7,145 89
15 Pakistan 7,028 137

Note : We have not covered all countries names here if you want to know all name then click here.

Corona Virus Solution

As we all know, coronary disease has appeared in humans for the first time. scientists have not been successful in finding any medicine for the disease. but the efforts of the scientists continue.
therefore lock down has been announced all over the world.according to news it was understood that it would take time for September to make corona's medicine Even if no medicine is administered on it, there are some good habits that can help protect us from these diseases. Such as washing hand, keeping 2 - 3 feed away from people, not being outdoors, eating vitamin c foods, eating nutrients to boost your immune system follow good advice and avoid corona virus.

Symptoms Of Corona Virus

  • Fever
  • Tiredness
  • Dry cough
  • Aches and pains
  • Nasal congestion
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Diarrhea
These are some of the symptoms of corona virus. sometimes these symptoms are not seen in human because they have higher immune system.if any of these symptoms occur in you or in your family, visit a nearby hospital.

Benefits Of Corona Virus

Corona virus caused a lot of damage to the human being, but nature benefited a lot.
Air and water pollution has declined by about 50 percent.this reduction is considered to be the largest and most incredible reduction so far.where the country was spending millions of crores to reduce pollution, they did not collect it and the corona virus did this in just 30 days. Animal predator also declined.
The man was imprisoned in the house for fear and nature breathed a sign.


Corona virus is considered to be the most life-threatening disease to date. To date, it has not been possible to find a medicine on the virus. colds, limbs, coughs are some of the symptoms of corona virus.some good habit like washing hands, keeping distance from peoples, and not moving in the open environments can help you to fight with the corona virus.Stay Home Stay Safe.