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How To Lose Stomach Fat Fast ?

How to lose stomach fat that is the big question.our obesity start from the stomach.the first step in obesity is our stomach.when we eat more than our body needs and the food we eat cannot be fully digested by our body those unsaturated calories accumulate around our stomach in the form of fat.this is how our obesity journey begins.
Slowly this fat starts to spread throughout the body and we become obese. Obesity comes early but it takes a lot of time and effort to get rid of obesity. A person look obese from the size of his stomach for example, if one's stomach is in perfect shape and size, he is considered fit and if one's stomach is big, he is considered lazy.
During these time we have to face many tribulations such as our friends ridicule our bodies, we do not look good in cloths, we are not able to run faster than our friends, we are ashamed to go in front of girl whom we love, more than our equal age children called us uncle when we go out. Many people's remedy this bu…

10 High Vitamin C Fruits And Vegetables

Vitamin c is an important component of the human body.vitamin c plays an important role in the body's vital processes.vitamin c is also known as ascorbic acid.vitamin c is needed to develop your body and repair body tissue.vitamin c also work to increase your body's immune response.each person needs around 60 to 100 mg of vitamin a day.a maximum of one person is capable of consume as maximum as 2000 mg of vitamin c a day.vitamin c is the most important antioxidant in the body.vitamin c works making protein in the body. There are many alternatives to consume vitamin c, but here we are going to share some vegetables and fruits that we can eat and satisfy our vitamin c deficiency of need. BroccoliBroccoli is a green plant from Cabbage family.broccoli is a great source of vitamin c and k.broccoli contain 135% percent of vitamin c in their nutrition.broccoli help to control sugar in blood.
We can use it in weight loss diet.because it contain very less amount of fat, carbohydrates and …

Corona Virus Effects On World Health

The hottest topic at the moment is the corona virus. Today, the world is planning to tackle the corona virus.the outbreak that a few months ago has made the whole world crazy.The most advanced countries in the world, such as the us and china  are in bad situation.the disease emerged during November - December last year, almost five to six months ago, but the whole world is unable to find a medicine on the disease and the disease is spreading.the whole world is shaken by this.corona causes so many victim every day.As if the whole world was helpless in front of corona.theworld health organization even declared corona as a global epidemic.

Corona originated in china. It was first reported about corona that the disease had spread through  the meat market in Wuhan, china. Now, a few days ago, it was shown that it was a device created by china, which china intended to occupy the entire world, but this left the opposite.

Coronation has ruined the economy of many countries. thousand of peoples …

11 Simple Ways To Lose Weight Fast

3 billion peoples are obese all over world. the main reason of obesity is junk food, unhealthy lifestyle and last is peoples has not time to give our health.that is why the number of obese peoples increase day by day.if we change our rooting and start to give time for our health then it help to decrease the obesity of peoples. weight loss is not a easy task. it is a long term procedure. we can't lose weight in one week or few day.
There is some way which will help us to lose weight fast and natural without any side effects.
Ways To Lose WeightCreate your own diet.Follow Proper diet.Change your lifestyle.Avoid Proceed foodStart your Day with Healthy DrinksDrink waterEat Healthy Break fastIncrease protein intakeDecrease amount of carbs from dietDo Exercise for 1 hour a dayStart To eat Curd Create Own DietA daily diet should be good for keeping your body healthy. A good diet is to eat foods that are good for the body from time to time. for example vegetables, cereals, fruits, milk etc.…

How To lose Chest Fat For Men ?

In this age, people's lives have changed is worsening day by day.mostly people's avoid vegetables and home made food. Their focus only on junk foods like pizza, burger and fries foods.because of unhealthy lifestyle people's start to become obese or this age around 31% percent people's are obese or overweight in the world. The world's population is 7 billion and number of overweight peoples is 2 billion.this causes the problem of man reduce man boobs or chest fat is not a easy is also long term procedure.
In this article we will see some ways, diet plan, how to set calories deficit, fat burning exercise and causes of chest fat.this things will definitely help us to loss chest fat or man boobs.
How to burn chest fat ?Lose fat from body is not a easy task. weight loss is a long term procedure. it take minimum three to four months to show result. before start to lose weight we should first know how it's works.there is…

Nutrition Fact and Health Benefits Of Ginger

In this article we will see thenutrition facts and health benefits of ginger. ginger is a tuberous plant. the roots of this plant are also aromatic and large.we use it to eat.ginger crop is best grown in hot and humid climates, which is why this crop is grow in the summer and in May. As Asia is a hot and humid region.the world largest producer of ginger is china, India, Nepal and Thailand. Ginger is most commonly used in tea. It relieves diseases like headaches, colds and toothache. just as turmeric, lemon is a used as a medicine on some ailments, ginger is also used to relieve some illness. Ginger contains many vitamins and minerals that our body greatly benefits. also it has some benefits like it help to improve digesting power, get rid cold, reduce body pain, become fresh mind, help to lose weight and also it help to fight with major disease like cancer. Nutrition Facts Ginger is very beneficial for our health. ginger has lot's of nutrition facts. It is good in nutrition . Ginger…

Nutrition Facts And Health Benefits Of Lemon

Lemon is a sour fruit that you use in your daily diet.the lemon is green when it is raw and yellow when ripe.but this does not affect the use of lemon.lemon is raw but can be used in diet.there are two major types of lemon. idlimbu and paper lemon.

It is used in syrup and pickles.lemon is mainly used for sour taste in food.lemon is mainly shrimp.just as lemon is used in diet, it is also as a medicinal fruit.there are also some medicinal uses of lemon like abdominal pain, to stay away from cancer, to lose weight etc. Lemon is used to treat many such problems and diseases.
There are several varieties of lemon, one of which is idlimbu and the other is mahblung . just as there are different varieties of lemon.they also have different names.
In English it is called lime or lemon and it's scientific name is acid soar lime.
Lemon is a great source of vitamin c and fiber. It contain less amount of fat and calories also it contain almost 89% of water.China, India and mexico are the top produce…