Hey guys , in the last article we have solved some question. In this article we will see full day meal which will be up to 2000 calories.because diet is very important thing in body  transformation. we take 2000 calories because this is the basic need amount of calories in every human body.here we will divide 2000 calories into 3 meals.cause this will be full day of eating.now the important thing is this is a weight meals.which have less fat, low carbs and high protein. so let's know .
2000 calorie meals for a full day
2000 cal for a day

Meals For Weight Loss (2000 cal )

Meal No.1

This is a our breakfast or first meal of the day.which is very very important meal.this will help us to stay active for full day.in this meal we will eat 666 calories.there are best option for breakfast.
  1. Egg Whites
  2. Poha
  3. Idli
  4. Fruits
  5. Oats
  6.  Wheat Roti
  7. Normal Bread or Brown 🍞 Bread

Eat any food from meal options just take care about calories defisit.

Meal No.2

Meal no 2 is another important meal cause to stay energetic in a day.
  1. Brown Rice
  2. Boiled Chicken
  3. Boiled Fish
  4. Eggs

Meal No.3

  1. Brown Rice
  2. Vegetable soup
  3. Salad 
  4. Fruit

Meal no 3 is our last meal .we should eat lite food or foods which is easy to digest.after dinner our body go to the rest most and in this period our body not burn calories that is why eat lite food in dinner.

If you have question how do I calculate calories from food then click here and calculate calories from food.

This are three meal which will help to loss weight naturally.
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