Peoples has many confusion Between weight loss and fat loss.they think weight loss and fat loss both are same thing . but both are different things.because in weight loss we lost fat with muscles and in fat loss we giving more attention on only fat loss not on muscles let's know about deference between it...
weight loss vs fat loss
Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss

First We Will see weight loss in detail and also we will see some best tips to  loss weight fast & natural.

Weight Loss

First of all weight loss is not same like fat loss.both are different topics.In weight loss we just loss weight including body fat and muscles also.for this you need just decrease your daily eating calories. there is no need to make change in your nutrition .just you have to avoid junk food.that is enough.
For Example, Let consider you need 2500 calories on daily basis to maintain your weight.Now For the weight loss you have two choice.first is you should decrease 500 - 1000 calories from your daily eating calories. Another option is you should burn 500 -  1000 calories via exercise. using this two way you can definitely loss your weight.
fat loss
Weight Loss

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Weight Loss Tips

  1. count your food calories on daily basis.
  2. avoid junk food
  3. Do exercise minimum one hour in a day
  4. decrease 500 - 1000 calories from daily eating calories.
  5. Drink water Before any meal
  6. Eat vegetables 
  7. Avoid Supplements
  8. Use natural fat burner to know natural fat burner click here.
  9. Start to eat less calories food 
  10. Avoid fry food or fatty food.
  11. Walk 10 - 15 Minutes after last meal of the day.

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Fat Loss

fat loss
Fat Loss

Fat Loss Is totally different topic. in this process our focus is only body fat not muscle.For that we have to make some changes in our nutrition. like we have to avoid high carbs food, we have to eat high protein food to save muscles, we have to make some changes in our exercise etc.

Fat Loss Tips

  1. Eat high protein food.
  2. Avoid high carbs and fatty food.
  3. Avoid junk food
  4. Drink home made protein shake.
  5. Do high strength exercise.
  6. Avoid salt in your food or use less amount of sodium.
  7. Drink More water

So this is the difference between Fat Loss and weight Loss.
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