weight Gaining Tips
Weight Gaining Tips
There are only two types of physics. First is healthy physic and another is unhealthy physic. there are also two types of unhealthy physics one is overweight and another is under weight.so in this article we will cover the part of weight gain. because we had already covered weight loss part in the last article.if you want to read that article then click here or visit our site www.TheFitnessTime.com for healthy lifestyle.here i will give you some tips and advise which is really help you to gain weight fast & natural without any side effects.so let's start to gain knowledge...

How To Gain weight ?

  1. Increase 500-1000 Calories In Daily Eating Calories.

  2. Prepare Chart to Eat On Timing

  3. Eat High Protein Food

  4. Do Exercise at least 1 hour in a day
  5. Eat More Bananas

  6. Don't Drink Water Before Eat Any Meal

  7. Egg Wholes

  8. Milk

  9. Eat More Fatty Foods (Not Junk Food)

  10. Eat  4-5 hour before to sleep 

  11. Set Your Dead Line

These are some best tips which will help you to gain weight fast and natural without  affect on your immunity.other option to gain weight is junk food.because it has lot's of fat, carbohydrates, oil etc. which is affect on your digestive system and immunity system therefore avoid junk food as possible as.now let's see in detail how above tips help us to gain weight fast and natural.

Increase 500-1000 Calories In Daily Eating Calories.

This is very important term in body transformation.If you want to do career in health and fitness then you have to knowledge about calories deficit. let's see this topic with example.lets's consider your daily calories eating is 3000 / day. you increase 500 or 1000 calories in that then you eat more than you'r capacity and that means you gain some weight.
7500 calories = 1 kg
1 kg = 2 pounds
1 pound = 3500 calories.

Prepare Chart to Eat On Time

weight Gaining Tips
Time Table
Time to time eating is most important topic. because early eating or delay eating is affected on our body. minimum 2 hours gap is compulsory between two meal.early eating will make slow your digestive system and delay to eat make weakness in your body .that is why make chart and eat time to time which will make your mind fresh and stay you active.

Eat High Protein Food.

If you eat high protein food it has lot's of benefits.because protein is very very important term or ingredient in nutrition.also it help to boost our body metabolism. 
if you eat high protein food or drink high protein drink after work our it help to recover your broken muscles and also increase it's size.protein help in weight gain process and in weight loss process also.

Do At least One Hour Exercise In A Day

weight Gaining Tips
1 hour exercise is compulsory

exercise is very very important to live healthy life style .it become our life stress full, stay our mind fresh and give us lot's of energy to do physical hard work.

Eat More Bananas

Banana is a high protein fruits. which is know as natural weight gainer.it has lot's of natural carbohydrates and fat.this is the better source to gain weight fast. 
If you eat banana before gym or exercise then it give you energy to do something difficult.also it has great test means natural sweetness.

Don't Drink Water Before Eat Any Meal

Some times peoples has habit. they drink water before eating.
when we drinks water before eating then water take space in our stomach and that is why we can't eat more.this habit or tip is best for who want's to loss weight but here we want to gain weight then avoid it and eat more. 

Egg Wholes

Egg Whole is best natural source of healthy fat.this is like magical food for weight gainer.if you want to loss weight then avoid it and eat egg white.
Milk is best of drink to become a healthy .it has enough amount of protein, fat , carbohydrates, fatty acids etc.

Set Your Deadline

weight Gaining Tips
Many times peoples decide their goals but they not set their deadline and that is why they can not complete their goals.
if you set your deadline then it's work for you like alarm and remind your goal time to time.it's really work.

This are some way to gain weight natural and fast without any side effects.