hello! guys. In the last article we had saw about how to stay fit & healthy.for that you need to follow some rules and apply some rules.in this article we will see how to loss weight with in our dead line means how can we loss 17 kg in three months.so let's get start it....
weight loss
Weight Loss

How To Lose Weight ?

Weight Loss this is not a simple task. also this is  not a impossible task because everything is possible in our life.it can not do every one.it is simple but peoples make it difficult.because they haven't control in their diet therefore the thing this is impossible . but not actually like that. if you have patience and control on your habits then you can do everything in your life.

Before Starting weight loss you should know science behind it. should should ask some question to our self like how do i loss my weight?, what is the procedure of weight loss?, what i should it in my weight  loss period? which exercise i should do in gym? gym is compulsory to loss weight?What is calories deficit? can i take protein to build muscles ?etc...

you have to apply some tips and habits in your life. if you want something then sacrifice is way to get that thing.i will suggest you some thing to get fast results to loss weight.
Good Habit
Good Habit

Weight Loss Tips

  1. Count Daily Eating Calories.
  2. Avoid Junk Food.
  3. Eat in your Calorie deficits.
  4. make Friendship with vegetables & Fruits.
  5. do exercise at least 1 hour in a day.
  6. Drink lots of water.
  7. drink Green Tea & Black coffee (without sugar).
  8. Walk 10-15 Minutes After Dinner.
  9. Focus On Cardio To loss Fat.
  10. Eat more amount of protein.
  11. Decrease the amount of carbohydrates and fat from diet.
  12. Drink lite warm water after waking up.
  13. Decrease the use of vehicle.
  14. Drink water before Eating any Meal.
  15. Walk minimum 5000 steps In a day.
  16. Do not take any supplement because we want natural result as possible.
  17. eat lite food in dinner.
  18. drink black coffee or green tea before work out.
  19. Avoid Sugar as possible.
  20. Main things is control on your habit and give sacrifice of junk food and cold drinks.
fat burning exercises
Do Fat Burning exercises
This are some tips which will give us result fast.Now Know the game of calories because this is main component in weight loss & weight gain.First Of all 1 kg = 2 pounds & 1 pound = 350 calories. Let's Consider,our calorie deficit is 2500 cal  and we eat 2500 cal & we burnt 500 calories every day then we burnt 350 calories in a week means we burnt 1 pound in a week.

this is the game of calories if you understand this properly then you can play with your body.so know it calculate your calorie deficit and apply it & get next level result because this is the only one mathematics which will help you to loss weight or gain weight.

i hope you like this article. so see you soon in the next informational article or blog.