Hello Peoples ! ThefitnessTime.com is back again with interesting & important information. In last article we had know about 7 Exercise To Burn Body Fat  And now in this article we will see how to loss belly fat in less time ? .

Fat Less Body

How To Lose belly Fat ?

If you want to lose and gain weight then you must understand logic and mathematics behind it. Mathematics means calories deficit. diet is also play important roll in body transformation but that is different topic because we want to see belly fat exercise. The main logic is you cant not burn belly fat till you lose all over body fat and that's the truth. now we will see that exercise which is directly target to love handle area. so without wasting time lets know about it.  

Workout To Lose Belly Fat

  1. Running OR Walking

  2. Rope Jumping

  3. Bicycle

  4. Plank

  5. Squats

  6. Dead Lift

These are some workout which is target all over body fat specially middle area of body & love handle is also middle part of body.Now Let see it in detail and also know how to perform this exercises.

Running Or Walking

How To Lose Belly Fat  In Less Time ?

So our first exercise is Running. We all know about it how it effected. running is known as large amount of calories burning exercise.running exercise target all over body fat.

there are two options to perform running exercise . one is treadmill and another is in nature.it avoid asthma problem it also help to circulate blood in blood vessels properly, avoid heart problem when you do running that means you do all body exercise.

Go any where if you want to loss weight then all suggest you running.  

Rope Jumping

How To Lose Belly Fat  In Less Time ?

So our another exercise is Rope Jumping and this exercise burn large amount of calories as compare to running. you can also do this exercise in cutting period.we need to do more breathing when we do rope jumping as compare to another exercise. this is also better for back & shoulder. you can do this without any ingredient you need just a single rope.if you are beginner and you want to perform it and you don't know to how perform it then take jumping rope training.


How To Lose Belly Fat  In Less Time ?
Strength Improving
we can improve our muscle strength with the help of bicycling.Bicycling increase our cardio vascular fitness.it is also increase our strength. bicycle cover your all over lower body fitness.this exercise has lot's of benefits like it improve our posture, decrease body fat level, strengthened bones, increase joint mobility & management of disease. 


How To Lose Belly Fat  In Less Time ?
There are many types of plank.like side plank, reach plank, plank wipers, plank jacks, plank crunch , siding plank crunch, plank up, side plank leg raise etc.to Know detail work of plank. 

This is fast fat burning exercise. because it directly hit to middle area of the body, means stomach area.if you start this today then you will get result with in the 21 days. 


How To Lose Belly Fat  In Less Time ?
Squats lower body workout
Squats is one of the best exercise to loss all over body.we want more energy to perform this exercise. you can do it any where. this is the best benefit. the squats have their own rules and position. so you take care of this . to  know how to perform squats then click here.

Dead Lift

How To Lose Belly Fat  In Less Time ?
Full Body Working out

Dead lift is power lifting exercise. but you can do it for weight loss. because when we do this exercise then our all body including in that. you can do it only in gym.that is it's disadvantage.it mainly target our abs area.that is why mostly it effected on our stomach area.
It have it's own rule and regulation because if we do it incorrectly then create 90% chance to injurious. 
then know how to perform Dead Lift.

As a my opinion this are the best exercise for weight loss. first get more info about it like it's form, how to do it etc. and then perform because this is easy to see but not actually. and another important thing is Safety First .