Hello! guys. in the last article we had saw about ideal weight , what should be my ideal weight?. where we say ideal weight chart for men and women.In this article we will see how to gain weight ? which is big questions for underweight peoples and who are weak.so without wasting time let's get start it....
weight Gain 
Weight gaining are mainly two process first is gain weight and another is gain muscle. in weight gaining fat is also include therefor  we will see here weight gaining means muscle gaining and muscles gaining is  not one day or one week process. if you want to do this then you should have Patience .you need to do exercise , consume healthy diet, increase protein intake, avoid junk food etc. if you want to avoid supplements, protein powder then this article is for you. because we will see natural weight gaining ways.

How To Gain Weight ?

  1. Follow Healthy Diet
  2. Do Heavy Weight Exercise
  3. Increase High Protein Foods.
  4. Increase High Fibers in Diet
  5. Avoid junk Food
  6. Increase 500 - 1000 Calories in diet
  7. Take Care Of our body

These are some way which are help to gain weight naturally and without any side effect.
Now let's see why this is better and natural way to Gain weight? 

Follow Healthy Diet

Follow Weight Gain Diet

Diet is very very important if you want to transform you body.because it make strong body from inner side.diet effect. on your body diet effect up to 70% and another 30% is your confidence, exercise, your will power is matter.if you want to transform your body then make healthy diet without any supplement etc because we want long time results and natural results. so follow healthy diet & stay healthy.

Heavy Weight Exercise

Do Heavy Weight Exercise 

If you are under weight and you want to increase muscle weight then do heavy weight exercise.because of heavy weight exercise help to increase muscle strength . 
when we do heavy weight exercise then our muscle are break and when it repair for next time then it increased in size to lift heavy weight at next time . that is the reason.so do exercise and keep way from disease.

Increase High Protein Foods.

We all know how much protein help to increase muscle size. because when our muscle breaking at gym then muscle need protein to recover.if we increase protein in our diet then it will bonus to increase muscle strength and size.do not add protein powder in diet because we want natural result without any supplement.so eat healthy and stay healthy.

Avoid junk Food

Avoid Junk Food

Junk food has lots of calories, it has not healthy fat, protein or fiber that is why junk food is reason of obesity.junk food has another name and that is poison.eating junk food killing peoples more that smoking.it increase just unhealthy body fat which don't want our body . so avoid it as possible as.

Increase 500 - 1000 Calories in diet

This is the real logic behind weight gain.increase 500 cal to 1000 calories in your daily eating calories.which is help to increase weight.
Let's consider your according to your weight and height your daily eating calories is 2500.if you want to loss weight then decrease calories and gain weight then do exactly opposite. increase your eating up to 500 - 1000 calories. this is mathematics behind body transformation.understand this.so eat healthy and stay healthy.

Take Care Of our body

this is very very very important thing which we not do.first our health and then another things.because it is god gifted we can not buy it , it have only one value and that means hard work.so eat healthy and stay fit.So i hope you like this article . see you in another informational article.
Thank YOu!