corona virus
Corona virus World's problem

Corona Virus (COVID-19)

For few months , a virus called corona virus has caused panic in the world. many peoples have fallen prey to this virus.

The virus originated in china around December 2019. it's birthplace is Wuhan in china. We know the strange culture of china's picture. their cultures, foods are very and very different. china is famous all over the world for their food items. in china we see poorer foods. 

More often that not , we get to see non-vegetarian foods.such as snakes, rat, cat, dogs, squirrels etc. 

It is suspected that such organisms originate from the virus called corona.

The corona corruption virus is doing the same thing as it was  a few years ago with a swing flue disease. according to current information including india, australia-2, belgium-3, cambodia-1, canada-1 and china-20,000.

As the time progresses the number of patients with this virus increases with time. may have even died. therefore the world health organization has also declared an emergency.
people are being warned by government to take up camps. here is a brief look at the corona virus let's look at the symptoms when the virus enters the human body.
Corona virus

Symptoms Of Corona Virus

  1. to get cold

  2. cough

  3. sore throat

  4. sneezing

  5. body pain

These are symptoms of some corona virus. If these and other symptoms occur in you and the person closest to you, plan an immediate solution and avoid contacting. 

How To Avoid Corona Virus ?

  1. Avoid immediate contact with people who have been infected by this virus.
  2. use handkerchief
  3. eat leafy vegetables and cereals daily to increase immunity.
  4. Exercise at least 1 hour daily. 
  5. Take a Bath as soon as you get a home.
  6. Drink Warm Water
  7. Wear Mask when you go out of home.
  8. Eat High vitamin foods.
  9. Keep at least 2 feet away from other peoples.
  10. Use sanitizer after every 10 to 15 minutes