Calories counting is one of the important activity or step in weight loss period. With the counting calories we should calculate fiber, protein, fat & carbohydrates from our food.
Calories counting
 In this article we will show how to calculate daily food calories, fiber, protein & carbohydrates for weight loss.also I will suggest you some best mobile applications which will help you to calculate food calories approximately.
Before counting calories we should know why that is important. So without wasting time let's get start it.

Why calories counting is important ?

Because when we under weight loss period then we should know which food is best for us and & how many calories are in their also we should know about food nutrition like protein, fiber, carbs In short calorie counting and limiting consuming is actually effecting to prevent weight loss and weight can calculate your daily eating calories by Clicking Here.
you can also calculate your protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber.using this link. here you will get how many quantity of food you should eat.

Calories Calculator

Protein Calculator
Now turn on our main topic how to calculate calorie amount from our without wasting time start it. first of all i want to suggest you some best mobile applications which is i use  to calculate calories.the app name is Healthifyme & true weight. we will calculate calories from both application & websites step by step. so let's start with Healthifyme.

1.Healthifyme (

Healthy Life Style


click here and get application on your smart phone.


Login With Healthifyme

When you install app then you will get page like above. also you get three options sign up with google, other sign up option, and login then create your account using sign up with google, other sign up option this can sign up with email id or contact number which is present in your smart phone.


After sign up you have to enter information about your physics like height, weight, how many weight you want to loss etc.fill up that fields and go away.

Step 4 

Healthifyme - Home page
Now, healthifyme home page will open.where you can see many option like Eaten 
here you have to enter food which you eat in your meal then app will show you how many calories and nutrition in there.

2.glasses consumed
Here you have to enter a glass of water which you consumed.

Using this option you can measure you step you walk in a day. Burnt(how may calories you burnt in a day.)
Here enter exercises which you do in gym or home then it will show you how many calories you burnt in exercise period. lost (how many weight you loss in your timeline)
Here application will show you how many weigh you loss by measuring your above all activity.use this option and get benefits. 


This app is also help us to calculate calories from food it is also suggest up which food is best for up.
Healthy physic


Click here and get true weight on your device.


After installing you will get page like this. This is profile page here you have to submit data about your physic like height, weight, gender etc.


After all these procedures finally our home page will open. This is easy to will also suggest you a diet.which is help you to loss weight.

This are 2 app which was I used in my journey . You can also take benefits of this apps. Download apps from this article using given links and stay healthy.