How To Loss Weight In Few Months ?
How Do I Loss Weight ?

How to lose weight ?

before lose weight we should know about the procedure of without wasting time let's see the procedure.....

So before knowing procedure we should know about nutrients.because it all nutrients let's know about carbohydrate .carbohydrate is sugar, starches & fiber which is found in any food material like vegetables, fruits, milk etc.
Now this is the time to knowing fat gain procedure/ obesity let's get start it....

When we eat some food means we eat carbohydrate. after eating carbohydrate enter our body and create glucose and that glucose mix in blood cells.when we do some activity at that time body use glucose in the form of energy. like that we burn carbohydrates or energy. remaining glucose which is un use glucose stored in body in the form of fat cell. which we called fat. This is the actual process of obesity.Now see it in easy and simple way.
Let consider, you eat 1000 carbohydrates/carbs in a day. but you burn only 500 carbs means remaining 500 carbs store in your body in the form of fat.
I hope you understand this procedure. now the biggest question is how many carbs i need to eat daily & how to calculate carbohydrates ?.but don't worry using below's link you can calculate daily need of carbohydrates, fat, protein, fiber, BMI etc.

protein calculator

BMI calculator

We saw the procedure i hope it will help you in your weight loss journey .now i am going to suggest you some tips which will help you to loss your weight in fast & simple way.
How To Loss Weight In Few Months ?
Strong Digestive System - Healthy Life

Weight Loss Tips:

you should prepare healthy and high nutrition diet.

Eat in calorie deficit by using calories calculator.

If you want to loss weight then decrease 500-800 calories from daily eating calories .

If you want to gain weight then increase 500-1000 calories in your daily eating calories.

Avoid junk food.

drink lot's of water because water known as weight loss drink.

Do at least 1 hour exercise in a day.

If you want to do natural weight loss then avoid supplements.

Start to Eat veggies, fruits etc.

Do meditation

live healthy life style.

Do not take stress.

Do 15-20 minute walking after dinner, because after dinner our body going to rest motion and that is why no activity happen after dinner. 

eat time to time.

chew your every food bite around 30-40 times.

eat that food which will help you to make strong immunity system.

Eat that food which increase body metabolism.

include green coffee, black tea, black coffee and green coffee in your daily life because this drinks are known as fat burner.

Apply above some things and get result with in the months.Big success get  with small changes. weight loss is a long time process it nothing happen with in the days & weeks. do not change any habit directly make it easy and then change.  
In all over weight loss procedure metabolism is one of the important thing.metabolism is like a engine of our body which is burn food calories in high quantity. but for that your metabolism have high. And another thing is your digestive system also have strong .because any disease start from stomach.this two thing must have well working then you can stay fit and live healthy lifestyle
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