Obesity Definition

In the simple words obesity means unhealthy physic, body in danger zone, shyness in group of people, friends making fun of our physic in the front of your crush, less confidence is called obesity or overweight. 
Weight loss Tips
Biggest Problem in the world - Obesity

Cause Of Obesity

  • Junk Food
  • Over eating
  •  Physical inactivity
  • Genetics
  • Frequency of Eating
  • Psychological Factor
  • Incomplete Sleep
  • Avoid Timely Meal  
  • Weak digestive system 
 when our digestion system become slow then also our metabolism becomes slow. Metabolism is one of the main ingredient of body which is helping to lose our body weight fast.weight loss is not a short term procedure.it takes time, this is the long term procedure.

How To Prevent Obesity ? 

Fixing Calories Deficit

To  create your diet first of all you know about your BMI(body mass index or body fat percentage %)
after calculate BMI also you need to know about quantity of your daily calories eating. after calculate calories you have to create your diet on the basis on calories deficit. if you want to loss your weight then decrease 500 calories from your daily calories eating. then your body will go under weight loss mode.most important thing is do not eat extra calories.
you have to under stand mathematics behind the weight loss.
let's know it in simple ways...
For example, 1 kg = 7000 calories when you substract 500 calories from daily eating calories the you loss 7000 calories in 2 weeks means you loss 1 kg in 2 weeks.
i know what you thinking , how to daily calories then i have a answer.
to calculate daily food calories you should try HEALTHY FY ME APP , it will help you to calculate calories from your normal food.

Calculate Your Calories And BMI
BMI calculator
Calories Calculator

Create you weight loss plan

In this plan decide what you do to lose weight according to you time table or flexibility. 

32 Time Formula

32 times formula is the one of the best formula to loss your weight without exercise without gym and without dieting. this formula is very simple and easy. In this formula you need to just chewing your every bite around 32 - 35 times and then get results with in the months.

This formula is also improve your digestive system. which is very very very important to body transformation. here when you eat bite 32 times then your food will make 90% digestible in your mouth . that is why when it going in stomach digestive system need less effort to digest.

Weight loss Tips
Healthy Eating

Drink Green Tea

Weight loss Tips
Weight Loss Drink
Green tea also one of the best drink in weight loss. because it helping to boost your metabolism. green tea has 0% calories, which is the bonus.after eating when you drink it , it also helping to digest food, that is why most of the dietitians are recommend green tea in dieting.

Avoid Junk Food

This is very simple topic in dieting which is avoid junk food. In junk food you will get 100% unhealthy fat, 0% protein and lot's of unhealthy ingredients. do not eat processed foods. therefore avoid junk food and stay healthy.

Weight loss Tips
Unhealthy Lifestyle

Walk After Dinner

This is also main and last topic in diet. Walk minimum 25 - 30 minutes after dinner. because after dinner we are going to sleep. then our body will going rest mode. that is why our dinner can not be digest and it store in body in the form of fat. also in your dinner don't eat more, just eat lite and take salad in dinner and then get next level result.
one main rule of weight loss is eat less amount of calories and burn more calories.
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